Did Science Discover Proof of Afterlife?

After hundreds of thousands of cases of out of body, and near death experiences, doctors are finally starting to admit that there is a considerable amount of evidence that suggests life after death; particularly one doctor who has studied over 1,600 deaths and has come up with some Earth shattering results.

Dr. Jeffery Long, who has just come out with a book on the topic entitled, “Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-death Experiences.”  Dr. Long offers a scientific look at what happens after death, and many are surprised by his findings.

After suffering a heart attack while driving, one driver loses control of the vehicle and crashes head on into a telephone pole. The impact is horrendous, and the driver loses consciousness.  Five minute later, an ambulance arrives and takes the driver to a nearby hospital.  Somehow as he is loaded into the hospital he is simultaneously standing in the ambulance watching himself at paramedics attempt to bring his body back from the brink of death.  As he hears his own heart flat lining, suddenly he finds himself in a tunnel with a bright blinding light at the end.  Inside the light he finds himself talking to an entity that tells him it’s not his time yet.  The driver, now certain that he’s dead tells the entity he wants to stay, but is quickly ejected back to his body where he wakes up in the hospital.  Doctors tell him it’s been several hours since he last was conscious, but he should make a full recovery.  As the doctor is about to leave, the patient describes the paramedics who brought him in in great detail.  The doctor is perplexed, since the patient was unconscious long before paramedics arrived, but familiar with the phenomenon of near death experiences.  Such is a typical case of NDE, according to Dr. Long.

The experience is often seen as life changing or even reaffirming for patients, as they recover.  Often those who experience NDE have miraculous recoveries, and live long full lives.  The most interesting aspect of near death experiences, is that there is some level of unanimity, regardless of culture, religion, and age.  Even young children aged five and younger who don’t have a fully formed concept of death and what it means, will describe the exact experience that a 90 year old man who has lived a long life will.  This similarity leads Dr. Long to believe these experiences are not only real, but completely independent of life.

There is usually a tunnel involved, Long and other doctors like him contend, followed by a very bright light.  Is this merely a biological interpretation as all the synapses in the brain shut down? Or is this the point of view of the deceased shifting from the human machine that the ghost has been driving to the ghost driving it?  It’s interesting that memories are formed within the brain after death, yet are somehow retained even when the soul returns.  Is it possible that the ghost is merely experiencing a shift that they are transmitting to the mind through dimensions?  It’s one controversy we’re all most certainly guaranteed to learn the answer to at the end of our road.  And hopefully Dr. Long can help us learn the answer while we can still enjoy life.