Are You a Scorpio? Money & Common Associations

Are you considering going into business with a Scorpio? Why don’t you take a look at how the stars predict your future partner may handle the finances? Other pieces of information mentioned in this article centers on common associations, color links, power foods, and power colors.

27) When it comes to money, how does a Scorpio react? If you ever enter a relationship with a Scorpio , beware of the tendency to view their things as just that , ‘theirs.’ This trickles into the subject of money, where they feel they always need to be in control of their financial situation. They often rely on an instinct to self-preserve their assets and take pleasure in keeping finances that are in order. Wealth is best conserved as far as the Scorpio individual is concerned. However , Scorpios can show through as excessive spenders and can make risky investments that they believe deep down inside is a ‘sure thing.’

28) Sex, death, as well as the cycle of birth and rebirth are often associated with the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

29) The colors that are mostly associated with Scorpios include black, brown, maroon, and deep reds.

30) Animals traditionally connected to this zodiac sign include eagles, snakes, lizards, and scorpions, of course.

31) When cooking a feast for a Scorpio friend, select foods that are often connected to this sign, such as onions, meat, beans, leeks, as well as foods that possess a spicy or strong taste. As you prepare a dish to serve, don’t forget to use plenty of horseradish, ginseng, and sarsaparilla to add a special flavor.

32) When house-hunting with a Scorpio, point out the residences that have birches, thorn apples, bramble, rhododendrons, and bushy trees, as this is a good sign for your mate. A yard filled with dark red flowers (preferably roses), honeysuckle, heather, lilies, and chrysanthemums will bring good fortune to a Scorpio as well.

33) While topaz and turquoise are birthstones of Scorpio, it is the latter that is the most favorite of this sign.

34) When looking for a great place to vacation, Scorpios tend to feel right at home when visiting Tibet, Norway, Morocco, South Africa, Cincinnati, Washington, DC, desert regions, swamp land, caves, gardens, vineyards, and orchards.

35) When looking for the perfect birthday gift for a Scorpio, don’t forget how much they like anything centered on mystery. With the makings of a fine detective, why not send them off on a weekend murder mystery getaway. A book on the occult is also nice. Regardless of the sex, leather products and sexy underwear have been known to make great Valentine’s Day gifts. A lot of Scorpios also enjoy computers, so purchasing the latest gadget is always a plus.

36) Want to have fun with your Scorpio friend? Consider spending the evening at a professional magic show. In their spare time, a Scorpio is known to enjoy jogging around a park, working out, or engaging in a bit of martial arts. A great thriller taken in a quiet corner is also known to put a smile on the face of this zodiac sign. Other popular pastimes include barhopping, clubbing throughout the night, or paying a visit to some of the most popular entertainment spots of the night. Diving and snorkeling are also adventure-filled activities that get the heart of Scorpio pumping.