Are You a Scorpio? Children & Parents

When taking a look at a zodiac sign, you can learn a lot about what kind of child or parent you will have on your hands. There are certain characteristics that individuals simply cannot hide from, according to those who believe that the stars can dictate some pretty coincidental event and facts. In this article, you will also learn what sort of careers best suits the Scorpio looking for an industry or career field to pursue.

20) As for the child born a Scorpio, they tend to stay quiet with an intensity that borderlines secrecy. It is not uncommon to find these children as the doodlers or daydreamers in class, as they are known to create their own inner realm of fantasy to enjoy. The character of a Scorpio child is sensitive. They hurt easily and can become rather jealous. When they are up against pressure, they may attack their peers without warning. Scorpio children are often seen as the youngsters that like to pull pig-tails and trip their classmates , a cruel streak is not unheard of.

21) Having their personal insecurities exposed to the world and sudden changes are just some of the things a Scorpio dislikes.

22) Scorpio parents are known to take their duties as a caregiver very seriously and are wizards at instilling a system or routine in their children. It is not uncommon to find a Scorpio parent with deep feelings regarding the discipline aspect of parenting. They have rather fixed ideas pertaining to rearing a child. However, a Scorpio parent will take their time to nurture their little ones to discover all of the wonders that the world has to offer. They will encourage their children to take risks, as they get to know their surroundings.

23) The career-hunting exploits of a Scorpio are best accomplished when they find out the kind of jobs that truly speak to their personality traits and skills. Since the hidden aspect of the zodiac sign seems to exist, is it no wonder that a Scorpio is best at detective work, finding the cure for cancer, making patients well as a doctor, conducting research, or practicing hypnosis.

Other career choices that match the Scorpio persona include private investigator, hospice worker, psychiatrist, pathologist, undertaker insurance agent, and investigator of any sort. The linkage to sex and medicine could find a Scorpio practicing gynecology, sex therapy, or midwifery. Also, don’t be surprised if your butcher, local police officer, or business guru is a Scorpio.

24) Scorpio is a water sign that is drawn to anything associated with lakes, oceans, swimming pools, etc. Do you have a Scorpio friend that zips through the water with ease or likes to take a few laps at the YMCA to relieve stress?

25) The season associated with Scorpios in the middle of fall.

26) Looking for a lucky day for Scorpios? Tuesday is often linked to this zodiac sign. Want a lucky number to cling to? Nine looks good to the Scorpio.