Disclosure Campaign Renews Efforts

Those familiar with the Paradigm Research Group’s actions in the past will recall a campaign it launched with Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell to effectively end the “truth embargo” surrounding extraterrestrials.  Now the group is making waves once again as they set up a “million fax” disclosure campaign to convince Barack Obama and the press to move for disclosure on the existence of extraterrestrials and their visits to Earth.

Letters have been steadily faxed to the White House Correspondents’ Association since early June of 2009 calling for their cooperation in getting the proper channels moving for full disclosure.  Unfortunately, there has been little response from the White House.  One such letter to the WHCA begins, “It has never made sense to me that we spend so much money to travel somewhere we really do not want to go.  So there are more questions that I need answers too.”  These letters range in content from being heartfelt letters of request to simple survey style requests sent to news agencies with a set of questions to ask.

Of course in the past year alone several countries have come forward and made their formerly classified UFO files public, but unfortunately many of them read like any other typical UFO encounter sighting.  For the most part the files that have been released still unfortunately don’t have conclusive proof of extraterrestrial visitation.  What they do have is proof that governments worldwide are taking the phenomenon very seriously.  They also point to a very common phenomenon that spans all nationalities independent of race or religion and impacts the lives of hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

The final domino to drop according to many insiders will be when Uncle Sam comes clean on the strange visitors.  But one of the problems with disclosure has always been this: What if the government were to admit that a strange race of creatures, likely alien in origin had been visiting Earth for several years, possibly even thousands of years?  What if they then said there was evidence that people had been taken from their homes and subjected to medical tests and genetic tampering?  And then, what if they said “We have no idea what’s going on and are powerless to stop it” before a room full of eager reporters?

We would then live in a world where alien abduction is a confirmed phenomenon, can happen to anyone, and could not be stopped.  The impact on the public would be tremendous.  Even if only a few hundred people per year were abducted, the fear would be overwhelming for many people.  Or alternately, what if the government admitted to the existence of extraterrestrials, and revealed with it that several organizations had been heavily influenced and even signed treaties with the mysterious creatures declaring loyalty to those with technological superiority rather than the human race?  If disclosure isn’t happening, there may be reasons for it other than simple stubbornness.  Still, any move toward full disclosure seems to be a step in the right direction at this point.  Let’s hope the world of tomorrow has not only UFO disclosure, but good news attached to it.