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4/29/13- Celebrities with Tattoos that Pay Homage to the Devil  
It's pretty safe to say that the majority of celebrities who ink an image of the Devil or Satanic symbols on their bodies are not Devil-worshippers or embrace Satanism. Over the years, it's become commonplace to see a red Devil, Devil horns/tail, and comparisons to Devils and angels being made in the world of celebrity tattoos. These celebrities become walking advertisements for Satan, and the more fans that see his image on the bodies of such stars, the easier it becomes to embrace the Devil.
9/22/12- 'Ghost Adventures' – A Sampling of Episodes  
'Ghost Adventures' is a paranormal investigation TV show that chronicles the explorations of crew members that would like to find and present spirits, ghosts and other paranormal activity. The show has delivered many seasons – from tracking down historic ghosts to experiences their own possessions. In this article, you will get an idea of the kinds of adventures the crew embarks on during every episode.
9/22/12- 'Ghost Adventures' – Meet the Investigators  
Although 'Ghost Adventures' may highlight special guests, celebrities, and other professionals in the world of paranormal study, episodes always concentrate on the investigations of Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. It is their responsibility to interview the locals, communicate with special guests, provide historical information about a location, as well as present any details regarding a paranormal experience.
9/22/12- Paranormal TV Shows: Ghost Adventures  
One of the most popular paranormal-related TV shows of today is 'Ghost Adventures,' which premiered its first episode on October 17, 2008 on the Travel Channel. The program follows the exploits of a group of ghost hunters comprised of Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. They visit haunted locations across the United States and world to investigate local legends. In this article, you will get to know more about the minds behind the madness.
8/5/12- Haunted Hotels in Florida II  
Hotels from the present and past in Florida have provided locals and tourists with entertaining tales of ghosts and haunted hallways. Some are famous and known all over the world for their paranormal activity, while others are no longer standing but continue to stick in the minds of locals. In this article, you will encounter haunted hotels in Florida destinations, such as Cassadaga, Miami, and New Port Richey.
8/5/12- Haunted Hotels in Florida I  
When you go to a hotel to sleep for the night, the last thing on your mind should be worrying about a ghost touching you in the middle of your slumber. Florida is a state with plenty of haunted tales to investigate. In this article, you will encounter some of the haunted hotels and other sleep-related establishments for tourists that a paranormal enthusiast may want to check out.
8/1/12- Haunted Sites in St. Petersburg, Florida  
When visiting St. Petersburg, Florida, paranormal enthusiasts will have plenty of time to have fun in the sun, but if you have time, you might want to check out some of the haunted sites about town. In this article, you will encounter a collection of haunted places in St. Petersburg, Florida, such as a high school, park and famous hotel.
8/1/12- Ghost Tales in Florida: St. Petersburg  
Many tourists flock to Florida to enjoy the warm temperatures and see the sights, but the state is also filled with plenty of ghost tales and paranormal activity – many of which have led to a handful of popular tours in the region. In this article, you will encounter some of the haunted locations in Florida, such as haunted stories associated with Saint Petersburgh.
7/15/12- Haunted Churches in Indiana III  
If you believe in local legends and ghosts that haunt churches, then you should know that plenty of states are filled with such tales. In this article, you will encounter churches that have young ghosts in the attic and those that enjoy staring out of windows.
7/15/12- Haunted Churches in Indiana II  
From a female ghost that locals believe causes car trouble to ghostly figures that walk the grounds at night, the state of Indiana is no stranger to tales of haunted churches. In this article, you will encounter churches with a haunted past or current ghost tale in cities, such as Rolling Prairie, Jasper, and Centerville.
7/15/12- Haunted Churches in Indiana I  
When it comes to scary places, many people take notice to a haunted church. What kind of ghost could be lurking behind you in the pew as you say a prayer or lingering in a bell tower of an older building – an unsettled priest or wayward soul looking for salvation? In this article, you will encounter a handful of haunted churches in the state of Indiana, including one in Fowler that is said haunted by a young girl.
7/9/12- Paranormal Activity in the Bible  
Paranormal activity has been happening all around us. It might surprise many people to learn that the Bible documents dozens of examples of this type of odd occurrences, and not just daemon possession. Understanding how religion, science and the paranormal are intertwined with each other is an important first step toward a true understanding of the Universe we live in.
6/23/12- What Life Might We Find in the 5th Spatial Dimension?  
Everything we understand about our own universe has to come from information gathered through the senses. And while the eyes and ears can have quite abstract concepts ferried to them, it's still impossible to actually observe these complex ideas in everyday life. We can only really observe analogies. So where we have come to understand the three spatial dimensions we exist in, quantum physicists for years have proposed there may be more. And just like the complexity of life is able to be sustained in three dimensions, would it be possible to sustain intelligent beings in more?
6/7/12- Haunted Books to Movies: Amityville Horror/House  
The Amityville Horror is a book written by Jay Anson, which has been transformed into many different movie adaptations and sequels of the original plot. Published in 1977, the movies that followed ranged from 1979 to 2011. The basis of the book concentrated on the real paranormal experiences of the Lutz family, which has been at the center of many debates on whether their claims have been true.
6/6/12- Haunted Books to Movies: Hell House (1971)  
Richard Matheson wrote 'Hell House' in 1971, which was more than 10 years after the 'Haunting of Hill House', and the novel offers many similarities with the Shirley Jackson publication. In this article, you will learn more about the plot of the tale, as well as other Richard Matheson literary pieces that have been turned into films.
6/6/12- Haunted Books to Movies: Haunting of Hill House  
Books that involve haunted houses usually center on restless souls, angry spirits and ghosts that turn the lives of occupants upside down. The subject is quite popular in the literary world, which often spills over to other forms of entertainment. In this article, you will encounter two haunted house tales that share similarities and were both made into movie adaptations.
6/6/12- Staked Bulgarian Vampires Discovered  
Two vampires with iron stakes in their hearts have been discovered in Bulgaria. The vampires, which had the stakes implanted in their chests were found at the center of an ancient ritual site intended to keep the vampires from ever leaving their grave. And now it seems the practice is at the heart of why the vampires are now leaving their graves. These are the hundredth vampire skeletons discovered in Bulgaria leading all the way back to the middle ages.
6/5/12- Haunted Houses in Literature: Turn of the Screw  
The Turn of the Screw (1898) was a novella written by Henry James that was originally published in 1898. The ghost story provides plenty of possible interpretations that have intrigued critics for many years. One popular topic of debate is the true core of the evil mentioned to in the story. James' ability to present a suspenseful tale is another highlight of his writing ability. In this article, you will learn more about the themes and plot of "Turn of the Screw."
6/4/12- Haunted Houses in Literature: House of the Seven Gables  
The creaking of stairs, howling noises at night, and shutters that close on their own are just some of the things that authors have described when using a haunted house as part of their tales of horror. Whether the house is haunted by ghosts or in some cases, alive all on its own, the following literary piece includes a spirited house.
5/14/12- Ghosts of the U.S. Air Force Museum in Ohio II  
Visiting the Air Force Museum, people have seen people out of the corner of their eye. These visions vanish as soon as they turn their head. Weird noises have also come out of the exhibit. Some have also detected the sound of running planes when all are on. Voices speaking in different languages have also been known to come out of the radio. These are just some of the paranormal happenings associated with the museum.
5/13/12- Ghosts of the U.S. Air Force Museum in Ohio I  
When it comes to military museums, the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio is one of the largest and oldest of its kind. It also has a unique history that includes tales of ghosts and other paranormal activity. In this article, you will learn about some of the legends, rumors and stories associated with the Air Force Museum.
5/5/12- The Ghosts of Bigfoot's Past  
When a witness describes seeing bigfoot, it's all too often in similar terms that manifest only when seeing a ghost. And yet the popular school of thought still suggests that the hairy hominid is a physical being walking the wilderness and watching out for others who might witness it. Some investigators, however, have suggested that Bigfoot could be quite different from what we think when we hear the word. Maybe the origins of Bigfoot lie somewhere in its history.
5/5/12- Perspectives From the Eyes of Ghosts  
When we look to expert paranormal investigators, many of them speak with an authority that is overwhelming to those unfamiliar just entering the field. Ghost hunters often suggest that ghosts behave in very specific ways and with motivations that we would all recognize. But what is a ghost's perspective really like? What schools of thought are there on the subject? And can responding to how they may see the world help your own ghost hunts?
4/27/12- Woman Returns from Death Days Later  
A chilling story has recently come from Nigeria of a woman who had been declared dead nine days before rising up again as though nothing had ever happened. The woman, a 62 year old mother of three returned unexpectedly surprising her children who had just arrived to bury her. And the most chilling part is the burial that almost happened just before that.
4/17/12- Locution - When Statues Speak  
Michelangelo said when asked about his David, how he was able to capture the human form so perfectly. After a moment of thinking, the famed sculptor said the statue had always resided within the stone he had started with, and that he merely had to chip away the excess. Statues have a certain look of being alive when we pass by them on the street or see them in museums. Sometimes they look real enough to reach out and shake our hands. And there are those who say these same statues are often real enough to actually speak.
4/10/12- Evicted Tenant Blames Ghost for Noise  
Of all the responses to a noise complaint, few could compare to what one tenant said the cause was when neighbors said her loud parties were too much for them to take. Leanne Fennell of Hull, East Yorks said a ghost was to blame for the loud music neighbors were having trouble dealing with. And the strange thing is, ghosts are increasingly having fingers pointed at them when things go wrong.
4/8/12- The Anecdotal Charles Fort  
Since the days of Charles Fort, the approach the public has taken toward the paranormal and unexplained has changed significantly over time. Where once there was the anecdotal curio of curiosities approach, now researchers attempt to quantify and measure the paranormal with tools. And that distinction may prove to be a source of trouble for researchers.
4/5/12- Mystery Still Surrounds Enfield Poltergeist Case  
The Enfield poltergeist case is one of those that even long-time researchers of the paranormal occasionally find too disturbing to study with the lights turned out. In the end what started as a simple case of a small home in Enfield, North London became so much more. And as the stories of this small haunted home spread, soon it seems the poltergeist itself started appearing in other locations, as if given power by the investigation that followed it. And yet some elements of the story also suffer their share of criticism. In the end, it's a terrifying - if not controversial- account.
4/5/12- The "Ghostwatch" War of the Worlds Broadcast  
In 1992 television cameras descended on a reportedly haunted house and began filming what they considered to be some of the most disturbing live captures of paranormal evidence of all time. But as the lights went dim and viewers watched in horror, they found what many had suspected all along - the program had been pure fiction. But unlike some of the other paranormal shows claiming to portray evidence of ghosts, this one had a very dramatic effect on some of the viewers including the first case of media induced post-traumatic stress disorder.
4/5/12- The 19th Century Spiritualist Movement Then and Now  
In the wake of the spiritualist movement, public interest in the realm of the dead beyond our own was still smoldering like the well stoked fires of the locomotives still freighting passengers to the big cities to see the art of the seance. Meanwhile, the profession of magician had with it some of the greatest names in stage magic of all time. And included in the list of incredible stage shows were included some of the names of the world's preeminent skeptics - and more than a few believers. The stage was set for a philosophical battle of titans.
4/3/12- The Haunted Manila Film Center  
Pasay City in the Philippines has its fair share of haunted locations, though none are nearly as famous as the disturbing and controversial Manila Film Center and the accident that turned to a tragedy that still haunts the location in November of 1981. The story of how the film center became a haunted location is as tragic as it is disturbing. Several of the workers who operated on the project were allegedly buried alive leaving them and others who were killed during an accident to haunt the grounds. Just as the building was about to be completed, tragedy struck.
3/30/12- Paranormal Evidence  
Is the paranormal evidence on TV programs like Ghost Hunters and Ghost adventures and of the many websites that offer images, video and audio evidence real? A word of advice; view this evidence with a critical eye but with an open mind.
3/21/12- Family Receives Mystery Emails from Deceased  
Death is one of those things that's rarely easy to deal with, but one mystery seems determined to prolong the confusion surrounding a family death for the bereaved in the UK. For months now they have been receiving unexplained emails from an impossible source. Jack Froese died of an unexpected heart arrhythmia at the age of 32. Since then he has been sending specific emails to his family describing events that didn't happen until after his death. Almost as amazing is how they have reacted to the event.
3/21/12- Ouija Board Blamed for Stabbing  
A teen alleged to have stabbed his friend has accused a Ouija board of commanding him to do it. The Texas teen, 15 years of age, is being charged with attempted murder after stabbing his friend in the middle of the woods near their high school. While neither the victim and the assailant are both not being named, the claim is one of many made in recent years that a physical attack has come to be blamed on a paranormal origin.
3/14/12- Is DC's Demon Cat Still on the Prowl?  
The "DC" in Washington DC stands for District of Columbia, but there is another DC that regulars in the white house have come to know and refer to. The DC in the case of this strange paranormal entity stands for "Demon Cat," and it's a creature that has made multiple appearances over the years and to many presidents. But it hasn't been seen in a few years. Is Washington's Demon Cat still prowling the archives and the subterranean rooms foretelling disaster and terrorizing those who spot it late at night?
3/14/12- The Industrial Spiritualist Revolution  
Ghosts today are a popular subject for conversation, but nowhere near as popular as in the 1800s during the spiritualist age. More often than not the Fox Sisters with their incredible ghost who could communicate on command are given credit for what would become a near obsession for the western world. But when we look at the other factors already at work, it's clear there may have been more to paranormal phenomena at the time than just mediums and spiritualists. The most compelling factor of all may have actually come from the field of microbiology and a French biologist by the name of Louis Pasteur.
3/12/12- The Mysterious Mann Hill Monster  
For decades there have been reports of mysterious partially decomposed monsters being retrieved from the ocean or washing ashore to horrify and mystify onlookers. One such creature was the legendary Mann Hill Sea monster of 1970. It was said to be some 2,000 lbs and measure over twenty feet in length. After the Mann Hill Monster was discovered, it was often described as "the camel without legs." Although it is very unique and somewhat disturbing, it has been seen multiple times washing ashore or caught in fishing nets. So what is it?
3/12/12- What Can Mass Hysteria Do to a Crowd?  
Recently the term Mass Hysteria has been used to describe the sudden mysterious affliction of some thirteen high school girls at Le Roy in upstate New York by more than a few skeptics. But does this explanation really hold up? To gain some perspective on the whole idea of mass hysteria here are some of the strangest examples ever recorded.
3/11/12- Haunted Stull Cemetery – Kansas  
When it comes to scary haunted final resting places, Stull Cemetery in Kansas has quite a reputation. While the infamous church is no longer standing, paranormal enthusiasts and haunted tale lovers enjoy learning about the history of the cemetery. In this article, you will learn about the haunted past of Stull Cemetery in Kansas.
3/8/12- The Sea Panther of Michigan  
We've heard of sea serpents, and we've heard of the mysterious panthers that appear in wooded areas throughout the world - even where they are said not to exist. But it's one thing to suggest panthers may be displaced to locations ordinarily too cold for them to survive in. It's a completely different one to suggest there may be panthers living underwater. But that's precisely the legend told by five tribes from the north and northeast.
3/3/12- Witness Recounts 1991 'BEK' Encounter  
If you've never heard of the BEK phenomenon, it's the name of a mysterious entity or type of entity that has been sighted since reporter Brian Bethel first described it in 1998. The legend goes that these entities always appear to be normal kids until you look at their eyes - which are completely black. Also, they behave in an incredibly strange way, and many of the witnesses report oddly uniformed encounters with the beings who demand to be let into their homes or cars and are always invariably turned away. But one witness says he may have had an encounter with something that resembles these strange beings as early as 1991.
3/3/12- Third Time the Charm for Exorcized House  
A house that recently made news for having stubborn ghosts that simply would not leave has finally found peace after a third exorcism - at least for now. After two attempts by a Church of Scotland minister, the strange sounds have finally fallen silent and the mysterious apparitions have vanished. So why did it take three separate exorcisms, and why did the ghosts respond only the third time? And will they be back to terrorize this poor family or will the spirits finally rest in peace?
3/2/12- Bannack, the Haunted Boom Town  
In the 1800's, the west was seen as a sometimes lawless and harsh place to live. But the same regions of Montana that hid its greatest dangers, often also held its most promising treasures. But on January 10, 1863 Bannack's sole Sheriff, Henry Plummer, stood before a posse of locals who accused him of leading his band of highwaymen to the murders of some 100 innocent travelers. No one today knows how true the accusations against the Sheriff were. But the events of that day would ensure that Bannack, Montana would be haunted long after its final residents left it.
3/2/12- Top States for Bigfoot Sightings  
The creature Bigfoot is one of those that has inspired both wonder and fear in the hearts of believers worldwide. While regionally its name changes, often the terms Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot, and Skunk Ape refer simply to an incredibly large unidentified hominid creature that walks through the woods and occasionally encroaches on the remote edges of civilization without ever fully leaving the realm of the paranormal. But if you were looking to find a Bigfoot, where might you head?
3/2/12- Setting Traps for Ghosts  
Footage of a real ghost is one of those things that photographers are always looking for. And as far as ghost hunting is concerned, there are two main ways of acquiring a glimpse of the paranormal. While ghost hunts are fairly easy, in some settings they are out of the question. What if scheduling doesn't allow you to search your own home for evidence of a haunting, but you want to know if there's something otherworldly passing through your home as you sleep? A trap for ghosts doesn't intend to capture them or harm them in any way. It simply captures evidence that they were there.
2/29/12- Mumbai Reports Vampire Attacks  
Mumbai is currently in the grips of fear after vampires have been sighted lurking in the shadows by multiple witnesses. Police are actively searching for what appears to be a vampire, and undertaking an unconventional approach to quash the rumors which are spreading like wildfire.
2/26/12- The Chilling Legend of the Headless Nun  
In the 19th century, nuns became one of the center points of old ghost stories. Visit any small town that was around at the turn of the 20th century and you'll likely find record of one ghost story or another told by locals that made reference to a ghostly nun. And it's little surprise, given the important role nuns played in so many communities. But of all of the legends around today, there are none quite so chilling as the legend of the headless nun.
2/25/12- Dinosaur and Fossil Hunters VII  
Have you ever wondered what 'dinosaur' means in the first place and who is responsible for coming up with the name? In this article, you will learn about the contributions of the following paleontologists, scientists and other researchers: David Norman, Ernst Stromer von Reichenbach, Henry Osborn, and Richard Owen.
2/23/12- Is There Only One Jersey Devil?  
The idea of the Jersey Devil has been around for hundreds of years haunting the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey. While the creature is generally seen alone, and even then only on rare occasions, there have been a few reported cases where multiple creatures fitting the Jersey Devil's description have been spotted in a short period of time close to one another. There have even been reports of "nests" of the creatures all living together. So is the Jersey Devil a single creature living by itself over a long period of time, or could there possibly be more than one out in the woods of New Jersey?
2/22/12- Ghostly Musician Disappears After Painting Returned  
A ghostly painting has been returned to the Heale house by Alan Smith, who says he saw the woman in the picture for many years before it was returned. The ghost painting depicts a woman sitting at a piano dressed in a flowing yellow gown and looking over her shoulder. After the painting was returned, the ghost apparently stopped appearing. Was there something to the painting that allowed the woman to finally pass on?

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