Could Cern’s LHC be Haunted?

Is there a ghost in the machine stopping CERN from powering up?  After scouring the internet for information on CERN, something keeps popping up again and again, but it doesn’t seem to have been connected together yet.  Of course while this is purely speculative, is it possible that CERN’s LHC could be haunted?  At first this may seem like a theory without evidence, but with the theories being thrown around by scientists about time travel, Ghosts don’t seem that unlikely at this point.

It’s interesting, how much information the internet can yield once you start exploring a concept and decide to run with it.  A series of forum posts have reported people who claim to be working with the project suddenly running into unexplainable hangups with their computer systems, as they shut down inexplicably again and again.  Of course this wouldn’t normally be worth mentioning, but the same scientists also mention that prior to the anomalous shutdowns, they had actually seen objects and figures within their computer screens that were simply unexplainable.  Of course this cannot be confirmed, and at this moment no official department leader has confirmed any activity like this, making the testimony unreliable.

Then there’s the strange synchronicity over the “bread incident” on November sixth.  As the machine malfunctioned a flight heading to Spain suddenly found itself in Brazil.  The mysterious diversion was reportedly due to a mix-up of paperwork, but conflicting reports suggest it may have actually been something else.  And the fact that the timing was only a few hours away from the malfunction is at least worth a second glance.

Also on that day, a massive power outage occurred in Brazil, resulting in the majority of the country being plunged into a several hour long blackout.  The official story is that a massive tropical storm knocked hovered over the Itaipu hydro-electric facility, but the State Prosecutors of Brazil are saying that explanation doesn’t hold water.  The truth of the matter is, no evidence was found of any damage to power lines or the plant itself.  In fact, no damage was ever found anywhere within the facility or throughout the power grid.  Essentially, the power came back on by itself after authorities scrambled to figure out what had happened.

And then there’s the mysterious sense of déjà vu that many people report feeling about November sixth.  Repeatedly people have reported that they thought it was still November sixth even more than a week after it has passed.  Several report they have some hang-up with the date, trying to remember something significant that happened on the day, but cannot.

For over a week after November 6th there was a spike in UFO reports, including the reports over Texas which were connected often with numerous witnesses submitting individual reports for the same incident.  It is the most well documented string of sightings this month, though it didn’t receive any mainstream attention.

So what if some other supernatural force, we’ll call them “ghosts” in the machine are effecting the LHC, giving an amplified disruption of electrical systems worldwide and contributing to anomalous activity all over the world.  Of course this is more just an exercise in possibility at this point, but as more reports of future anomalies are made about the LHC we will be reporting any further interesting synchronicities.