Haunted High Schools in the United States

From former janitors who met their death on school grounds to former students, many high schools in the United States have legends to tell. In this article, you will encounter a host of supposed ghosts that haunt high schools in states, such as Michigan, New York, Maryland, and Texas.

Huron High School (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Ghost sightings have been documented to take place in the theatre of the Huron High School. In the late 70’s, a student named Mary fell from the catwalks while she was working on lighting fixtures in the theatre. Her fall was fatal and she died on the stage , alone. Actors and stagehands have reportedly spotted what they believe to be the ghost of Mary, who is often seen in the catwalks , dressed in a light pink dress.

LaFayette High School (LaFayette, New York)

Nicknamed the ‘Auditorium Ghost,’ there is a spirit that has a reputation for playing tricks on people working on any events soon to take place in the auditorium. Stage lights have been turned off and unplugged, but one light may still stay on. Sometimes, props have been moved from overnight and placed back into the prop room.

Gaithersburg High School (Gaithersburg, Maryland)

Constructed in the early 1900s, Gaithersburg High School has a resident ghost that once worked on the premises. One night, the boiler room had an issue and a janitor went to see what the problem was. An explosion took place and the janitor died. At various times of the day and night, it is said that the jingling of the janitor’s keys can be heard in the halls.

Chandler High School (Chandler, Arizona)

It is no surprise that one of the oldest schools in Arizona would have a haunted tale or two. The oldest building still standing is called “Old Main” and a couple of teachers and janitors that have worked at the school for many years have encountered strange noises, voice, and sightings on the second floor of the north wing of Old Main. One custodian refused to clean that section of the building after having a scary experience.

Nixon High School (Laredo, Texas)

In the 1970s, a jealous boyfriend killed a student who was on the school dance team. Legend has it that he decapitated the girl. Witnesses claim to have seen her headless spirit wandering about the school. Some say that if you are in the school gym at night, you can hear the sound of the spurs on her boots.

Crow Creek High School (Fort Thompson, South Dakota)

In the halls, it is said that you can catch apparitions of priests and nuns.

McLaughlin High School (McLaughlin, South Dakota)

A janitor that worked at the high school died after slipping on the floor surrounding the swimming pool. It is said that you can hear his ghost whistling and at times, see him mopping the hallways. The gym also has a different ghost haunting the space , the former physical education coach. He died and it is said that when the lights go out, you can hear the sound of phantom basketballs.