Paranormal Revelations: Communication with Jackie of the RMS Queen Mary

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The RMS Queen Mary is a mecca for paranormal researchers and investigators.  The ship is widely known as one of the most haunted places on our planet.  With such a deep-rooted history, it is no surprise that the Mary is full of energy from her long-lost passengers and crew, some of whom are still tying to find their way home.  In particular, I am extremely drawn to the Mary, for she is a testament to British shipbuilding and emanates strength, love and peace. She just draws you into her mysticism.

So, who is Jackie, the talkative child ghost of the RMS Queen Mary?  Where does she come from?  Many researchers, including myself, are trying to connect the dots of this child’s origin.  There is absolutely no forensic evidence that suggests that Jackie passed away on the Mary and in either of the ship’s former first and second class pool areas.

The 7/17/10 RMS Queen Mary pool investigation was a memorable and unforgettable experience. The investigators present, included myself, Rob Wlodarski, Bob Davis, and some members of The American Paranormal Research Association (A.P.R.A.). We had numerous personal experiences with “Jackie,” the ship’s outgoing and talkative child entity. Each of us collectively heard Jackie communicating to us throughout the duration of the investigation.  

Ever since my first visit to the Mary back in 2007, I have been able to develop a rapport with Jackie and other ghosts of the ship.  Even though I have a strong rapport with Jackie and have investigated and visited the pool room on numerous occasions, I must say that I have never audibly heard Jackie as much as I did on 7/17/10.  My colleagues and I came away with some astounding audio pieces of Jackie as she was communicating with us.  Many paranormal investigators and tourists have experienced Jackie in one form or another. 

Little Jackie is a highly intelligent entity. Jackie can also be temperamental as her emotions can be sensed and heard. I have encountered Jackie singing and laughing and I have also, sadly, encountered her calling out for her mommy and daddy and saying that she wants to go home.  I have often wondered if “Jackie” is her real name or a fictitious name that she’s adopted over the years. I came away with some incredible EVPs that indicate that “Jackie” may in fact be her birth-given name. On the investigation, I asked Jackie, “Jackie, is your REAL name Jackie?” An A.P.R.A. member then proceeded to ask, “Or, is it what people call you?” About two seconds after the above questions, Jackie responds with a clear answer, “My name is Jackie.” Several people have listened to this clip and the majority feel the EVP is “My name is Jackie or Jacqueline.” 

A few moments later, another investigator asked the question, “Jackie, is your mom’s name Jackie?” Jackie responded with an affirmative answer. Furthermore, I asked Jackie, “Jackie, what is your mom’s name?” Again, little Jackie responded with “Jackie.” I also obtained an EVP of Jackie saying “yeah” in response to Rob Wlodarski saying, “If you come to us sweetie, we can help you find mommy and daddy.

Does the gathering of this information prove that “Jackie” or “Jacqueline” is really this little spirit’s name? I would say that it leans more toward suggesting that “Jackie” is really her name. Or, is the name something that she has adopted over the years? In my opinion, Jackie’s highly intelligent nature suggests that she does in fact know who she is. I think her energy is intelligent enough to know what her REAL name is.

I have often pondered where little Jackie came from. Is she connected to the RMS Queen Mary in any way? Did she once sail on the Mary with her parents? Or, did she sail on the Mary after World War II ended, when the ship was utilized for transporting women and their children? Was she a stowaway? These are all questions that I have asked myself.  In my heart, I feel that Jackie is connected to the Mary and once sailed the seas on the legendary liner with her parents. 

The ship carried scores of men, women and children during her years sailing the waters. Thus, the possibility exists, that Jackie had a fatal accident on the ship, at least in my mind.  In fact, the late renowned psychic and RMS Queen Mary paranormal investigator, Peter James, felt that Jackie did have a fatal accident on the ship.  Or, did something more sinister happen to Jackie while on the ship?

This brings me to say that history and the paranormal are relatives with a dear kinship. One cannot separate history and the paranormal. In many ways, Jackie, knowingly or unknowingly, provides us with an insight into the Mary’s rich history. This can be said of all the resident RMS Queen Mary ghosts and specters.

If it is true that Jackie met her demise while traveling on the Mary, why is her ghost still present? Is it because she chooses to stay? Or, is it because something is keeping her here? I strongly feel that she won’t move on until she finds her mom and dad. Thus, from her perspective, she thinks that her parents are still on the ship. Are the ghosts of her mom and dad on the ship? If so, has she seen them? Does she see the ship as it is today or from her time period? There are so many questions that myself and my colleagues have as to Jackie’s existence. I feel that the paranormal documentation we acquire, will lead us closer to solving the mysterious puzzle of why Jackie haunts the ship.

In my heart, I do feel that Jackie will be able to leave the confines of the ship one day and finally find “home” and her parents. It is my sincere hope that I will one day step onto the Mary and know that Jackie finally found her way “home.” When that day occurs, I will smile and shed tears of joy.

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