The Haunted Locations of Dallas, Texas

When visiting the city of Dallas, Texas, you will find that there are a variety of haunted locations that offer a chance to investigate scary tales and old legends related to the area. In this article, you will read of the Flag Pole Hill ghost, as well as the haunted Lake Highlands High School.


In Dallas, there is the tale of the Flag Pole Hill ghost, who can be sighted close to the Northwest Highway. This is where you will find a slim-shaped horseshoe road that is surrounded by an array of trees. A few houses can be found in the area. When you begin to travel down this narrow road, you will have to complete it because there is no way to turn back. Stories surrounding this site date back to the mid-70s, where the local police department has received numerous reports regarding strange occurrences. Some of the documentations include the sudden downpour of rocks from odd angles, unexplainable car damage, as well as other claims. It is highly suggested to avoid this road when traveling by night.


When you reach the Eckerd’s, which is located on the corner of Ferguson Road and Gus Thomasson, you will find that a ghost called Wayne haunts this location. Wayne used to be a night loader, known as a hard-working man. One day, he was returning home from his job at about 6 in the morning when three men robbed him for his money. He had been robbed several times before, but this time, he didn’t go for it. This was an unwise decision because the men had a gun and their possession and unloaded three shots into his head, as well as three shots in his heart. Since then, employees believe that Wayne now haunts the upper level of the Eckerd’s building, where the products in boxes are kept. Some of the strange occurrences that are attributed to Wayne include the unexplainable fall of boxes, cold spots, radios that turn on and off by themselves, as well as footsteps heading upstairs from an unknown source.


At the Lake Highlands High School, there is a tale that deals with the suicide of a girl during the early 1970s, who jumped out of a window located on the second floor. The ghost of the girl, Elizabeth is said to haunt the high school. Most of the sightings have been reported in the auditorium, but a theater professor at the school believes that he can feel the presence of the girl all over the school. Missing objects, such as tools, have been blamed on the ghost. Large objects have been thrown across rooms with no one as the known cause, such as garbage cans. Doors have slammed shut by the force of an unseen energy. Random cold spots have been found throughout the school. The ghost is so known about the premises that some students from the school created a movie about Elizabeth.


At the Lawrence Hotel, the ghost of a woman who was said to have jumped from the 10th floor is believed to haunt this area. Her voice and footsteps have been noted, especially in the basement area, where an illegal casino was held.


In the Oak Cliff area, you will find Combs Creek St. where the ghost of a small girl on a bike can be encountered. A young girl was riding her bike near the railroad tracks and got stuck. A train ran over her body and it is said that her spirit is trapped there to haunt the empty street by the railroads. Oak Cliff is the same place where you will locate the Wilbur Street playground. A girl was swinging on the swings when a drunk driver lost control of their car and hit the child. It is believed that the ghost of the child can be seen if you look closely at the swings.


Additional haunted spots throughout Dallas include the Capital Building, where employees have reported the sighting of ghostly shadows appearing during the night, as well as Rylie Academy, where strange noises and an unexplainable flickering of lights. An unidentified ghost has also been reported to frequent the Snuffers Restaurant, spotting by a variety of witnesses.