Ancient Herbal Help for the Middle-Aged Woman

While some middle-aged women face depression due to failed marriages and their little ones flying the coop, others are looking at their middle years as a gateway to newfound freedom. This is the time to discover activities that make you smile, as well as experience things never ventured before. In order to prevent medical ailments from putting a snag in your plans, consider the following herbal treatments that can put an end to common problems that middle-aged women often face.

As a middle-aged woman, you will notice that there are certain external changes that the body goes through. The skin becomes drier and menopause may also cause your facial texture to take a turn for the worse. Below you will find a couple of natural tricks to consider when you’re plagued with dry eyes and even a form of facial acne:

Acne Rosacea

If you’ve noticed a facial flush that persistently appears at the most inopportune moments, you may have a case of acne rosacea on your hands. Over time, you may encounter acne-like pustules, which is a commonly seen in women in menopause. During this time, it is highly recommended to avoid some of the beverages that might be your favorite, as this tends to make the condition worsen. Try to limit or avoid tea, coffee, and alcohol.

·    An herbal remedy for this condition involves a lotion that is comprised of 50 milliliter of pot marigold tincture, 50 milliliters of rosewater, and two drops of rose oil. For two to three times per day, apply the lotion to your rash.


During menopause, it is not uncommon to encounter dry body parts, from your eyes to your vagina. In order to combat this rather uncomfortable symptom , consider the following herbal remedies:

·    Ease the discomfort of dry eyes by drinking a cup of standard infusion comprised of equal parts of vervain, wood betony, and Ju Hua flowers.

·    Add 10 to 20 drops of chamomile oil to 500 milliliters of infusion to your bathwater. Some women have also used this natural treatment as a vaginal wash.

·    When you’re plagued with a dry vagina, ease your symptoms by applying vitamin E or pot marigold creams. It is suggested to apply a little in the morning and in the evening, as well as just before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Gall Bladder Problems

A middle-aged woman often sees her fair share of gallstones and other issues that attack the gall bladder , especially if you are overweight. If you suffer from acute colicky pain, it is suggested to seek the advice of a professional. However, if you suffer mild symptoms, consider the following natural remedies:

·    Blend 2 milliliters of fringe tree bark, 2 milliliters of fumitory, and 2 milliliters of vervain tinctures in warm water and take three times per day.

·    Relieve the symptoms of gall bladder issues by drinking a cup of standard decoction every two to three hours by using 15 grams of dandelion root, 10 grams of wild yam root, and 5 grams of barberry bark.