Nightmare on Elm Street Facts and Trivia: Sequels 5, 6, 7

As the Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise continued to entertain audiences, there was no shortage of bright, new talent or cameo appearances. In Part 5, the infamous song received a facelift. Part 6 gave a picture of what Freddy’s father was like. In Part 7, the director’s daughter makes an appearance.

Part 5 Facts: Dream Child

The infamous song of the Nightmare of Elm Street movies was slightly altered for part five. The original went: “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again.” The slightly edited version is: “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, better stay up late. Nine, ten, he’s back again…”

Stephen Hopkins, who directed Dream Child, was given only four weeks to shoot the film and another four weeks to edit. Shooting took place nearly continuously with one stage serving for a setting, while the next allowed the crew to get dressed. Once the film was complete, the studio was quite impressed with his results that he was given the position to direct Predator 2. Hopkins also went on to direct episodes of the TV series ’24’ and movies, such as ‘Judgment Day,’ Under Suspicion,’ and ‘The Reaping.’

The task of writing and directing the movie was offered to Stephen King (horror author extraordinaire) and Frank Miller (of comic book fame).

While Lisa Wilcox’s name (who played Alice) appear in the opening credits of the film, her name does not appear in the ending credits.

Part 6 Facts: The Final Nightmare

A handful of celebrity appearances were included in this sequel, including Johnny Depp (credited under an alias), Tom Arnold, and Roseanne. Alice Cooper makes a cameo appearance playing the abusive father of Freddy Krueger.

The movie was also known as A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 666: Freddy’s Dead.

The day before Final Nightmare was to be released in the United States (September 12, 1991), Los Angeles declared it Freddy Krueger Day.

Originally, Peter Jackson (of ‘Lord of the Rings’ fame) was hired to write the screenplay for the film. He penned the draft, but it was never put into action.

Final Nightmare served as the first theatrical role for Breckin Meyer, who went on to star in other TV shows and movies, such as the recent ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.’

Out of all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, Final Nightmare was the only sequel directed by a female , Rachel Talalay, whose other work includes television shows, such as ‘The Dead Zone’ and ‘Ally McBeal.’

Part 7 Facts: New Nightmare

Wes Craven (the writer and director of the Nightmare on Elm Street series), Heather Langenkamp (Nancy), Robert Englund (Freddy), and John Saxon (Nancy’s father) all starred as themselves in this sequel.

The clothing that Heather Langenkamp and John Saxon wear towards the end of the movie are the same exact clothes worn in the first Nightmare on Elm Street film in 1984.

Director Wes Craven’s daughter, Jessica, plays the nurse that appears in the film.