Ghost In Desert View Book Room

As My friends and I were taking a break from moving books, we were all sitting down and as I turned my head and looked, two books, one right in front of each other moved from the shelf and were flung across the room. They Hit my Friend Reeda. I was the only one who saw it move.

The first thing in our mind wasn’t that it was a ghost, but the shelf it was sitting upon. The shelf was sturdy. My friend and I went to go pick up some books from a room, when we came back, we heard a large object fall and then footsteps. What fell was a 50 pound helium tank. The people in the book room ran out and i stood in the exit, the only exit. Nobody was there.

Once again while we were working in the book room, we heard the door knob turn and the door closed. All the doors in the outside room had been locked. I ran outside to check if anybody was there. No body was. Then we checked if the A/C had caused this event. The door was heavy and didn’t close easily. I went and told my teacher what was going making sure to lock the doors behind me. When i entered the book room later, i turned the corner and saw a shadow about 6ft tall. I did not see this from the corner of my eye, i saw it straight on, and my friend Rzl saw it to. My first thought was a prankster, while my friend Rzl turned away and ran away, I chased after it. As i ran into the room, the doors were locked. There was no escape. I searched the hole area, no body was there. This wasn’t a shadow, it did not have a distinct set of legs and it moved to fast to be a human. My friends and decided to sit in the dark in that room for a while. We saw somebody pacing on the other side of the door. We dismissed that as the possibility of somebody on the other side. Then is stopped.

As we looked into the corner, a black mass was moving back and forth blocking out the light on our side of the door, then it dissipated. Then once more we saw it, this time it was moving towards us. We sent two other people in. They did not know what was going on. They saw the exact same thing. I believe this is paranormal because we tried to explain or debunk anything that we could, but we could not explain anything.