The Two Types Of Aliens Known in 1954

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In 1954, a document was published outlining the procedures and goals of the
recovery, cleansing of the area, taking inventory, and disposal of a crash site
materials. Referring to UFOs and Aliens, this document included some great
information including descriptions of the aliens that were recovered from
various crash sites prior to that time. In this article, we are going to cross
reference the descriptions given in 1954 with various alien pictures circulating
the internet today. 

The credibility of this particular document is outstanding. A “High
Level Of Authenticity” has been given to this document, meaning that
“This means that virtually all of the available investigation channels and
ideas have been pursued and at each test the document has shown to be authentic.
For example, tests in paper, ink, obscure content, handwriting, period
typography and fonts, correct formatting, forensic linguistics (along with no
sign of anachronisms), all indicate the highest level of authenticity. At this
level, witnesses are present that have seen or read the document in an
“official” capacity and will or have signed an affidavit to that
effect.” see http://www.majesticdocuments.com/documents/authenticity.php
for more info on the validity of this document. To read the full document, see 

Excerpt from the document

Examination of remains recovered from wreckage of UFOBs indicates that
Extraterrestrial Biological Entities may be classified into two categories as

“a. EBE Type 1. These entities are humanoid and might be mistaken for
human beings of the Oriental race if seen from a distance. They are bi-pedal.
5-5 feet 4 inches in height and weigh 80-100 pounds. Proportionally they are
similar to humans, although the cranium is somewhat larger and more rounded. The
skin is pale, chalky-yellow in color, thick and slightly pebbled in appearance.
The eyes are small, wide-set, almond shape, with brownish-black irises with very
large pupils. The whites of the eyes are not like humans, but have a pale gray
cast. The ears are small and set low on the skull. The nose is thin and long,
and the mouth is wider then in humans, and nearly lipless. There is no apparent
facial hair and very little body hair, that being very fine and confined to the
underarm and groin area. The body is thin and without apparent body fat, but the
muscles are well developed. The hands are small, with four long digits but no
opposable thumb. The outside is joined in a manner as to be nearly opposable,
and there is no webbing between the fingers as in humans. The legs are slightly
but noticeably bowed, and the feet are somewhat splayed and proportionally

b. EBE Type 2. These entities are humanoid but differ from type 1 in many
respects. They are bi-pedal, 3 feet 5 inches – 4 feet 2 inches in height and
weigh 25-50 pounds. Proportionally, the head is much larger than humans or type
1 EBEs, the cranium being much larger and elongated. The eyes are very large,
slanted, and nearly wrap around the side of the skull. They are black with no
whites showing. There is no noticeable brown ridge, and the skull has a slight
peak that runs over the crown. The nose consists of two small slits which sit
high above the slit-like mouth. There are no external ears. The skin is pale
bluish-gray color, being somewhat darker on the back of the creature, and is
very smooth and fine-celled. There is no hair on either the face or the body,
and these creatures do not appear to be mammalian. The arms are long in
proportion to the legs, and the hands have three long, tapering finders and a
thumb which is nearly as long as the fingers. The second finger is thicker than
the others, but not as long as the index finger. The feet are small and narrow,
and four toes are joined together with membrane.”

This information is more than 50 years old, and we realize that new
discoveries may have been made since that time, but this is what we have to go
on. We have scoured the net to find alien pictures that match the descriptions
given in this document.

Type 1 Aliens

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Similar pictures can be found with ease. If
these were indeed fake, it would be hard to believe that all these images were
created with the same general look that matches Type 1 aliens classified by the
document above. It is my understanding that these particular aliens are the same
entities that were found in the Roswell Crash.

Type 2 Aliens

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Clean vivid pictures that match Type 2 Aliens
are a little harder to find. Based on the above descriptions, these pictures
were the best I could dig up. I believe these specific Aliens are referred to as
the “Grays” by today’s ufologists. Other documents and sources say
this race is from the Zeta Reticuli Star System.

I am not claiming that all these pictures are real, but these
are about the best evidence we can gather from available information and
supporting pictures. The accuracy of the description written in 1954 and the
realistic looking pictures that hold true to the description give some degree of
credibility to the documents and pictures.