Missouri Family Buzzed by UFO

On May 9th, 2010 a Missouri family joined the club of onlookers who
have witnesses something so strange that their entire world would be
changed by the experience forever.  They report the incident was simply
beyond any conventional explanation and are looking for answers, but
some say the answers are already clear: They had a close encounter with
a craft not of this world.

The Mufon report they submitted
states that the witnesses observed a shiny object, silvery chrome in
color and cigar-shaped hovering above their home in the sky just after
settling down for a fishing trip outside their house at 5:00 PM on
Sunday May 9th.  The report goes in a calm and steady manner and one
gets the impression that the writer fully expects a rational
explanation to be presented soon.  Often reports submitted to Mufon use
a lot of hyperbole and speculation, suggesting the excited nature of
the writer, but this one maintains rationality giving the impression of
a calm and collected individual simply trying to make sense of an
unexplainable event.

The husband, his wife, and three kids were
outside fishing when their youngest son, aged two years, pointed to a
passenger jet flying over their property.  As the husband watched the
object, he soon became aware of something else invading their
airspace.  The shiny object hung there as though suspended by an
unknown force.  As he watched it, the father of the three children
hoped to rationalize what it could be, but simply could not.  He
pointed to it to show his children aged seven, five, and the youngest
two who had first spotted the jet.

His wife refused to believe
she had seen anything, and said her husband was crazy for seeing it. 
One can only bear in mind the native Americans fishing on the coast
when the first ships to land on their shores arrived.  Several say they
did not even see the ships approach, refusing to believe something so
alien to them and believing only when the ships docked and strange men
from another world came off them that anything had happened at all. 
This concept is all too resonant with the reactions several have to UFO

And yet the object hovered, ignoring all disbelief
those around them were showing.  The father of the group talked to the
object, saying “Come on.  Come down here.  I see you up there.”  As
though responding to his pleas, the object actually grew brighter and
floated to the northwest of the position where the father and children
tracked it while the mother looked into the distance.  The report then
says the object disappeared in the distance, and the father hoped
someone else had seen it.  No other reports have been submitted in that
area during that time, but given how distant the object seemed to be,
they could have been the only ones to notice it.  Though it is almost
comical to suggest, a weather balloon could have exhibited the
behaviors described by the witness, with the exception of seeming to
respond when he spoke to it after remaining stationary for so long.