Several UFOs Sighted Around Fort Worth Airport

 Over the past couple of days, a series of UFO sightings were reported in the area just around Fort Worth Airport in Texas just Northwest of Dallas.  Though the media has not reported on this most recent string of sightings, several independent witnesses corroborated seeing several different mysterious aerial phenomena.  Interestingly, the exact time of each of these events corroborated with one another, at 7:15 PM on different days.

The first incident, happening on November fifth, at 7:15 pm, occurred when one anonymous observer, while talking on the phone, looked up to the sky and noticed a formation of lights moving southeast toward the Fort Worth.  Though the witness is close enough to the airport to normally observe the landing of aircraft, they reported never hearing the object reported actually touching down.  In addition, the lights were larger than would normally be seen on civilian aircraft.  As it hovered toward the airport, they vanished, leading the witness to speculate that it may not have been a conventional aircraft.  The object was not seen again that night.

However, the following night, exactly 24 hours after the first sighting again at 7:15 pm, a second witness upon returning home, was approached by her daughter (seven), who told her that there were several “yellow shooting stars” in the sky.  As the witness walked to the edge of her yard, her daughter excitedly pointed up at a massive formation twirling about in the sky with a trail behind them.  “Like a comet,” she said in her report submitted earlier today.  As the objects descended, they merged and became as a pinpoint of light before flashing, separating, and repeating the process.  The witness ran inside and summoned her husband, who came outside with her to watch the lights.  As the formation continued to display its elaborate light show, the husband wondered if he should go inside and get his camera, when they saw a mysterious object similar to a plane hovering about the sky, able to turn at ninety degree angles.  The plane object was black, but massive in size and blocking out the sun as it hovered about the sky.  Soon after, the objects vanished, leaving three witnesses stunned still staring on.

The final witness to the night’s events claims they were watching television, once again at 7:15, with their back door open so their Pomeranian could run in and out of the house at will.  The dog began barking, and the witness thought it was likely no more than the neighbor’s dog in a territory dispute with her own.  The Pomeranian ran inside and began barking at the witness, who then went outside to see what was causing such a ruckus, and saw what looked like a flaming meteor quite large in her perspective quickly shooting toward the earth.  The object was black in the center, but surrounded by white flames.  The object, just as it was about to smash into the earth turned into two, then three similar large balls of light and arranged themselves in a straight line.  “What is happening?” the witness said aloud as the objects hung suspended in mid-air.  The obects then moved into a formation floating up into the air before descending again, essentially exactly as the other witness reported.  This went on for some time before the objects all disappeared, except for one which hovered low to the ground as if it intended to land.  Instead of landing, however, it flew off and away.  Later a helicopter buzzed the area, but no other unexplainable reports that night.

Interestingly, however, despite several witnesses in the area reporting essentially the same phenomena, it was not picked up by local or nationwide news media.  What was the meaning of this dancing formation?  If these witnesses were deceived by a purely natural phenomena, they were so in tandem.  And what is the significance of 7:15?  Will it be returning tonight at 7:15?  We’ll be watching the skies for sure to let you know.