UFO Buzzes Hollywood

Hollywood is the city of glamour, swimming pools, and celebrities.  Tourists from all over the world visit Tinseltown just to be near the stars they adore so much.   But in in July of 2009, according to a report submitted to MUFON the Mutual UFO Network the tourists may have themselves been from the stars and had come to Hollywood for reasons unknown.

The witness, accompanied by two friends, one from Santa Barbara and another from “back east” were hanging out on the roof of a four story apartment complex at approximately 3:30 in the morning talking and enjoying the early summer morning near the coast when suddenly an object appeared out of the corner of his eye.  As he brought it to the attention of his two friends they soon noticed it too.  The object appeared line by line as though it were somehow being drawn by some unseen eye and took a crescent shape.  As they watched they noticed that it did not emit any sound to speak of, and it simply hovered they noticed it had an eerie green color and looked almost vaporous as it hung in the sky above the residential neighborhood they were observing from.  The object hung about 700 feet away at an estimated altitude of around 300 feet.  As the vaporous green cloud began to dissipate, the witness reports they observed a more traditional dull grey saucer-shaped craft touching down in the woods just behind the trees in an adjacent neighborhood.  As the witnesses looked from one to the other looking for some sign that what they had seen could be explained, they found they were all equally speechless.  Finally the witness submitting the report spoke up, saying they needed to figure out what had happened and recap what they had observed.

There were three witnesses on the roof, and another who did not witness the events asleep downstairs.  As they recounted their tale to him he nonchalantly shrugged it off saying they must have misidentified something mundane.  Weeks later he would make a shocking revelation: he had seen the same green object they had described and had no idea what it could have been.  The shocking object hadn’t changed his opinion of UFOs visiting Earth, but he had no explanation for it.  He had researched it and could find no possible explanation.

Submitted along with the UFO report were the witness’ personal opinions on the matter.  After they had seen the object, his two friends had asked what it could have meant.  He said that he didn’t know, but it was a mistake.  The three of them were not meant to see the object.  One witness speculated, “Could the object have been obscuring itself in the trees to make temporary repairs to a malfunctioning invisibility screen of some sort?”  This case does mirror some others which suggest these saucer-shaped craft can alter their appearance and even disappear entirely, but it’s not always 100 percent efficient.  Some ufologists suggest these systems are affected by environmental phenomena that we may not fully understand.