UFO’s Disguised as Planes Invading Airspace?

Yet another witness has come forward in the mysterious development that’s sweeping the UFO community.  Unidentified flying craft of unknown origin are allegedly taking on the form of mundane aircraft as they pass overhead.  Then, in a typical encounter, the witness notices something that is impossible about the aircraft, such as the fact that it’s an old style model of a B-17 flying fortress from WWII, and it’s hovering like a helicopter.

The latest witness, in Alberta California, was standing outside his friend’s house smoking a cigarette and taking pictures at a particularly beautiful collection of clouds in the sky when suddenly a low flying plane flew overhead.  As the witness quickly attempted to spin around to take a picture of it before it disappeared behind the house, he found he couldn’t snap a picture in time and it disappeared behind the roof of his friend’s house.  Cursing his luck at losing the opportunity to snap a picture of such a large plane flying so low in a populated area, he resumed watching the sky when the plane flew back moments later heading in the direction it had just come from.  As he trained his camera on the object, he snapped a picture of it quite clearly, but found it was not showing up on the digital picture he had just taken.  The details of the surrounding area were present, but not the plane.  He quickly showed his camera to his girlfriend who likewise noticed the object’s absence as the plane flew away into the distance.  He took another picture, but the plane once again didn’t appear.  When the object was far enough away, it finally showed up on film, but the witness was perplexed by the incident nonetheless.

As he looked over the photographs he had taken, clearly troubled by the incident not making sense, he eventually made negatives of the images.  When he did so, the area around the object where he remembered it being, a hazy aura appeared as though some sort of distortion field were present.

What would we see if we scanned the heavens with cameras that showed negative images of what we were observing?  Would more unidentified objects show up?  What about negatives of images of the sky that have already been taken?  Reading this report certainly seems to raise some serious questions about cloaking, and potential applications for the future observation of unconventional unidentified flying objects, and generalized pictures in the sky as well.  Years ago UFOlogists started getting better results by using infrared and night vision to examine the skies.  Perhaps this new technique will likewise show improved results.

But what are these objects that seem to be cloaked as planes?  If they have the option of not being seen at all, why pretend to be a conventional plane at all?  The only thought that comes to mind is that it must be a tactic for intimidating those who observe the objects.  Otherwise, why not just cloak entirely?  It seems the technological capabilities of these devices are indeed centuries in advance of this mere disguise technique.  Perhaps one day vehicles and even people will use a similar principle to render themselves invisible to cameras.  And once that happens, it will no doubt be utilized by those with both altruistic intentions and, unfortunately, crooks as well.