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Near Death Experiences and Meat Eating
Posted In: Meditation And Spirituality  5/6/15

People who have Near Death Experiences often return with changed attitudes, often regarding consumption of meat.  Some even come straight out and say The Smell of Meat Reminds Them Of HELL, and another even confirmed they were told No One Who Eats Meat Can Stay Here (in Heaven).

After reading these accounts, it should make one take a second look at the non-violent religious teachings, including the Gita, Vedas, Essene Christianity, Buddhism and other peaceful lifestyle recommendations.  One must ask:  Are we really supposed to KILL and EAT Corpses??

Here are just a few accounts of NDE's and Meat Eating....


Hattie A's NDE

Have your religious beliefs/practices changed specifically as a result of your experience?    Yes    I cannot eat meat now...that has just happened to me.


Tony Robbins

I sat down to a wonderful pasta meal with sliced roast beef in it. I couldn't eat the meat without a gag reflex.


Lorri B NDE

Since this experience, I cannot stomach the smell or look of red meat, it makes me nauseated.


Guenter W's NDE

Some voices said:" They eat meat! Imagine that! Meat! In addition, they build huge fires in the prairie. They dance around the fires and bathe in blood. However, what remains the worst: They eat meat.


Analisa D's NDE

My body has also changed. I can no longer eat any kind of meat or it will sour in my stomach.



Right after having the experience become active in my life I didn't eat meat for almost two years. It didn't appeal to me at all...


Cynthia Y NDE

Have your relationships changed specifically as a result of your experience?           Yes     Meat makes me gag. I can't eat the flesh of another living being. I used to love steak now the smell makes me sick.


Dario F's NDE

I know what people think of me…It seems madness, but it’s true. Every time somebody is cooking meat, I recall Hell…and I have to leave the place.


Marta Y NDE

"Like all other beings, you are living in order to accomplish a mission, and you are not doing this. You must change you way of living, you are supposed to help many other beings, and you are not doing so. You have to stop eating meat, as no one who eats meat can remain here."



I had a diet change..I craved fresh foods, raw foods, nuts, and don't like meat much at all anymore...even though I grew up on a cattle ranch...


Rod H Probable NDE

After that, I turned vegetarian (I had grown up on a heavy meat diet) and have been healthy ever since.


Gabby G NDE

Did you have any changes in your values or beliefs after the experience that occurred as a result of the experience?    Yes     Today I am vegetarian as I feel it is wrong to take life. This is in spite of the fact I love the taste and smell of meat.


I hope this message reaches some people..  Don't take the chance, Give it up and show Mercy!


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