Are Ghosts Just Bad Vibes?

Recently a blogger reminded readers of the theory that infrasound vibrations were the cause of many paranormal phenomena.  The suggestion raises some interesting points about the paranormal and ghosts in general, but as it did when it was first proposed, the theory leaves many questions still unanswered.  Can low frequencies make a happy home haunted?  Or is this theory yet another attempt to rattle this phenomenon into a comfortably scientific realm when it really is entirely unexplainable?

The thought that ghosts may be nothing more than a simple reaction of the mind to natural stimuli is nothing new.  It has been suggested the phenomena is related to virtually everything from seismic vibrations to sunspots and even the electrical appliances in our homes.  But how much does this explanation leave to be desired?  Can we really exorcize the world with this theory?

First, let’s hear the theory first proposed by Gavreau in the 1960’s.  He suggests that sonic frequencies can affect the human mind and even cause us to think that paranormal events are taking place when they are not actually.  The infrasounds in this case are those involved in the houses believed to be haunted.  The pipes in the walls or the air conditioning systems are said to cause a sonic vibration that can affect the mind at below 20 Hz.  As a result, humans are not consciously aware of them but have a strange feeling that something sinister or frightening is going on.  Scientists have even tested this theory and found many people are highly sensitive to it to the point where their entire mood can shift and they can be flung into a state of dread or terror simply by being in proximity to it.  And these test subjects commonly even suggest their belief that the source of the dread could be something paranormal or supernatural in nature.

So are ghosts simply the result of pipes in the wall?  Considering ghost stories have been around since the dawn of storytelling, the air conditioner explanation seems unlikely.  But it is possible similar sounds could be emanating from the ground as well utilizing seismic vibrations.

But there is a key point here as well that makes it less than likely that we can explain away ghosts.  Independent witnesses will often come forward after having met one another and long before a “legend” to a place is commonly known.  They will report seeing or hearing the same apparition even if they are unaware of “who” the ghost is that is haunting a place.  If the ghosts look similar to various witnesses, why?  If the whole of the paranormal field were nothing more than the occasional feeling of ill ease or disembodied optical illusions floating about it would be easier to use Gavreau’s theory, but with the varied reports and the number of disparate witnesses describing the same things, it seems the paranormal as a whole is something that is entirely unexplainable.  And likely will be for quite some time.