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We become aware of new things. This is nothing strange and happens every day.
The process of learning or of acquiring new awareness is favoured by true
information, clearly presented. It is hindered or even prevented by false or
incomplete information.

Magazines such as Raum&Zeit favour an increase in awareness because they
present informations without censoring them and in a way that promotes
critical thought.

But for the most part what is offered in the mass media, including press, TV
and movies, is of a numbing quality. These media are being misused as
instruments of propaganda and are thus filled with false and one-sided
information. This of course is not conductive to a free development of opinion
and awareness.

Especially TV, with its overbearing way to hammer viewers with pictures and
impressions without ever giving them the time to critically analyse, is one of
our most potent “environmental poisons” so to say. Those falling into a tv-
dependency show a certain slackness, loss of ability to critically evaluate
and a sort of smug satisfaction indicative of having found their place in the
false reality built and controlled by the tube.

Despite all this, there is a growing number of persons becoming more and more
aware. Aware in the sense that they do not get put asleep by the mass media,
aware of themselves and of their environment. It is modern now to learn about
and to experience spiritual abilities. It is modern to think and act in
ecological terms. But is that really enough to bring about a change?


Buckminster Fuller has coined the expression Spaceship Earth and he was
exactly right. What is planet earth if not a spaceship, whether we are able to
steer it or not? As a spaceship, earth is situated inside of a spiral galaxy
called the milky way. It is us, the inhabitants, that are not really aware
that besides ourselves there are other races, other peoples living on other
planets. Most of these are active participants in a galactic community.

We are not, with our wars between nations, wars for the purpose of controlling
raw materials and generally for power politics, an example of rationality and
civilization. It is time that we gain an awareness of the galaxy in which our
planetary system is situated and that we claim our place in this galaxy as a
civilization that has outgrown its internal conflicts.

What we are missing in my view is a comprehensive plan as to where “spaceship
earth” should be directed. There are a thousand good ideas, a thousand
initiatives, many of them worthwhile, but there is no holistic philosophy
capable of directing all of these ideas and initiatives towards a definitive
emancipation of our civilization.

More than 90% of all positive forces are being carefully collected and
directed into “harmless” or at least little effective activities. This is
happening with environmentalism and with many other movements which often find
themselves diverging from their original direction towards aims completely
different than those evisioned by their founders.

The first step for misdirecting a group in such a way is identification. Being
identified or “labelled” is a prerequisite for the control of any phenomenon.
As long as a movement cannot be clearly defined and identified, as long as it
cannot be put into a known category, it is very hard to control or in this
case misdirect.

So it happens that a great deal of the best efforts end up in useless, if
often spectacular actions that leave the status quo completely unchanged.

What is then the visible expression of the new awareness that is starting to
spread, despite all opposition “from above”? There are several different forms
of expression, all of them however in one way or another in direct opposition
to what we are accustomed to calling established.


The various natural healing arts and the new directions in medicine are well
known to the readers of Raum&Zeit. The fact that in our age the allopathic
direction of medicine is still the only “proper” medical authority is not in
any way connected with the validity of its methods of therapy. It rather has
to do with money made in farmaceutical production and with control of both the
masses and certain individuals as practiced by psychology and psychiatry.

Medicine that is worth its salt should work without or at least with very
minimal side effects. It should – wherever possible – only help the body’s
immune system and the body’s own capabilities for repair. Its understanding of
the biological and biochemical changes in the body should allow quick and sure
diagnosis and prevention of all those illnesses that are influenced by the
equilibrium of certain biochemical elements in the body.

Apart from really necessary accident repairs, medicine should be working
mainly in the diagnostic-preventive area. Not the fighting of diseases but the
attainment of optimal bodily health and thereby the prevention of illness
should be the purpose of medicine. At this time prevention mostly goes no
further than the giving of vaccinations, which apart from directly induced
illness also weaken the immune system. How much longer will it take before the
dangers of this kind of treatment are recognized by the health authorities?


What we are offered in these times as technology is mostly old hat, a little
shined up and painted over, but inside it is closer to the age of the steam
machine than to the third milennia. Even atomic power plants, which are about
the most advanced expression of our technology are little more than modified
steam turbines that use the highly dangerous uranium for heating up the water
instead of wood or coals.

Tomorrow’s technology has been invented hundreds, even thousands of times but
every time it has been locked away in the vaults of the “conventional” energy
cartels. If the inventor could not bebought he was inactivated in other ways
and in some cases died a sudden unfortunate death. The amount of capital and
thereby power involved is obviously too great to allow our fossil energy to be
put aside too quickly.

Where governments finance alternative energy projects the funding is carefully
directed where the prospects for success are quite remote. We see an example
of this in the “windmill” and similar proojects. Really new developments such
as cold fusion are effectively silenced, not to even think about getting

However the articles in Raum&Zeit that deal with new technologies and the
international and national conferences are finding great interest and this
shows, that a growing number of persons is not going for this any longer.
There is a steady if slow progress even without the funds of governments and
without the approval of scientific authorities. When the breakthrough will
finally come, it will sweep away these rigid structures with even greater

The technology of the future will allow a decentralized, low-cost production
of energy. Transports will be revolutionized first by magnetic levitation and
then by antigravity. Space travel will no longer by a monopoly of the
superpowers but will – with different forms of propulsion – be accessible even
for private societies.

Furthermore, safety for man or people friendliness of technology will become
more important than it has been so far. We cannot much longer bombard our
living quarters with microwaves and other damaging radiations without
ourselves falling victim to this insanity. This is where medicine and
technology meet each other.  But as long as medical authorities deny the
existence of damage done by TV-type monitors and microwave ovens, industry
will hardly be moved to develop a more people friendly technology.


It is unlikely that the politicians will rush to our help in these matters.
They have had all the possibilities to make changes but their inability to let
go of the status quo is so obvious that they appear quite pathetic. It is not
only the political parties that are in a crisis but the whole political system
is losing credibility.

Think only of the denial of the existence of non-earth based flying objects,
whose observation has been confirmed in many separate instances or of the
technical and medical backwardness of our governors which makes progress in
these fields almost impossible and you will see the inability of politicians
to react to changed circumstances.

One could almost say that our politicians have debased themselves to being the
servants of a multinational clique of reactionary bandits who through their
riches have ammassed an incredible amount of power. Even though it is not
possible to call these bandits by their names, their influence in the
international arena is clearly visible. In any case, more and more people are
tired of just being spectators to this game.


One of the reasons why some people are concentrating ever greater amounts of
power and others are working for them is our finance system that I would like
to call a system of interest and rents.

There have been various proposals for making a financial system without the
practice of interest and some practical attempts have been made in this
direction. They were soon forbidden by the authorities and so came to nothing.
One example is the mayor of Woergl, a city in Austria, who during the time
interval between the first and second World War established a kind of money in
his city’s area that would circulate without interest. This was promptly
forbidden after a short while by the central bank. Several barter societies
who wanted to operate without money and above all without interest were
prohibited in the same manner. This is not difficult to understand as interest
is an immense source of income for those who have succeeded in one way or
another to amass riches.

To the common citizen, interest causes, through the inflation it brings about,
the loss of his gains.

Interest is an evil concept because it violates the principle of exchange. The
principle of exchange is one of the fundamental precepts of human interchange.
It is not important whether goods are exchanged against goods or against
money, whether money changes hands in return for a service or whether goods or
money are given against the promise of a future service. Money in this sense
is only a means that makes the action of exchange easier.  It has no value in
and for itself.

The concept of interest violates the principle of exchange by making a means
of exchange (money) that is intrinsically without value, into something like
goods, and by then asking a certain price for the possession or use of that
means of exchange. This apparently small violation of the principle of
exchange leads in time to incredibly large inbalances in the distribution of
the means of exchange, until at last by the mechanism of interest and interest
upon interest the means of exchange (money) and by that the majority of the
existing values (goods and valuables) are concentrated in the hands of a
relatively small clique.


It would be, I believe, a function of philosophy to explain these things to us
and to help us avoid mistakes such as the establishing of interest. In this
sense, philosophy has badly failed. Neither marxism-communism nor our western
capitalism has ever clearly exposed these logical connections.

Philosophy is an analysis of what is happening and an exposition of
alternative or better ways. Of course this is easier said then done, when the
press is used to attack every heresy with lies and slander or better still,
kill it by silence. A heretic is of course everyone who says something else
than the powers-that-be.


What can we do from our standpoint of just simple citizens in order to put our
spaceship on the right course despite all contrary circumstances?

First of all we have to know our goal – where do we want to go. Next, everyone
of us must act as if he or she was alone, as if we were the only ones who want
to attain that goal. Don’t wait for anyone else – certainly not for a party,
an organization or a government to do it for you.

As a last thing, we have to adjust our actions in a way that every decision
and every action will benefit not onlly ourselves but also our environment.

In this sense, the environment of a person is to be seen in concentric circles
embracing first his or her immediate family and then ever greater groups up to
the nation and even all of mankind.

However that is not enough. These circles have to extend further into the
world of animal and plant and into the physical environment as such, the world
with its mountains, seas and rivers and further into the spiritual dimension
of man, the soul, and even into the dimension of God, a religious dimension.

All of these are part of the environment and every one of our decisions has to
be calculated to not only benefit ourselves but also our environment. Only
then do we have a chance to finally lead spaceship earth out of its isolation.

This article does not in any way want to call for a revolution. It is meant to
stimulate thought. The more persons really find their own standpoint and will
defend it, the larger the number of those who will align their life in the
direction of a certain goal and who will consider the environment when making
their decisions, the sooner will it be possible for us to take our place in
the galactic community.

Josef Hasslberger