Yoga for better sex life

The perks of having sex go way beyond just physical pleasure. It comes with other wonders you might not know of. 


  • It keeps your immune system singing as sexually active people take less sick leaves. 

  • Boosts your libido (duh!)

  • Improves bladder control in women as good sex is like a workout for your pelvic muscles. 

  • Lowers your blood pressure. Blood pressure rises in many situations. Emotional triggers can increase it but it’s nothing that good sex can’t solve. 

  • Decreases the chances of having a heart attack. (All men should take a note here!)

  • Lessens your pain. Isn’t that just magical? An orgasm instead of aspirin will help in back pain and menstrual pain, headaches, and sometimes even leg pain.

  • Decreases the chance of prostate cancer. 


I can go on and on about the benefits, but it would be better if you experience it yourself. But many of you might be having problems having good sexual intercourse. You might get tired quickly or are unable to perform up to your expectations. 


So how can you actually get the benefits stated above? Here are some very simple yoga poses that can improve your sexual performance and pleasures. 

Yoga for better sex 

Yoga has its reach in many different treatments and now it has its hands on for sex too. I bet yoga is your next BFF! Let’s take a look at some of that yoga poses:


  1. Cat and cow pose – This yoga pose when performed together can help you relax and open your stiff spine. We all know how important it is to have a strong spine for good sex. 


  1. Bridge pose – This will give strength to your pelvic muscles and will make good sex better. 


  1. Happy baby pose – Doesn’t the name itself give a hint? This relaxation pose stretches your glutes. The best takeaway is for people who enjoy a missionary position because a happy baby pose is a key to become better at it. 


  1. One-legged pigeon – Many of you might have noticed that your hips don’t support you the way they should. And this is a hindering point for good sex. This yoga pose will help you open up your hips and try other sex positions. 


  1. Child’s pose – This is another yoga pose to try to make your hips flexible. It also takes away stress and anxiety issues. Thus you feel better with your partner in bed. 


  1. Corpse pose – Isn’t this everyone’s favorite? There is a reason behind that. It takes away all pain, all stress, and is like a small meditation session. 


The main aim of yoga here is to remove any stiffness or pain that you face during sex and also take away the anxiety that is coming in your way. 


The mantra is ‘ lesser the stress, better the sex’.