Nostradamus 2010 Prophecy Looms

Respected seer and prophet of the future, Nostradamus has made a number of predictions for the year 2010, and some of them seem to be fairly likely at this point.  If the French apothecary was indeed correct about 2010, it would not be the first time he had accurately predicted the future.  In his own lifetime he predicted several events that would come to pass before his very eyes, including the death of Henry the Second.  In later years he would predict several world changing events including the Chicago fire and World War II.  But what does he have to say about 2010?

According to the 2010 prophecy a mysterious virgin will suddenly die.  Who could this be?  Of course in the fifteenth century, virgin often would refer to a beautiful woman rather than someone who had not engaged in intercourse.  Of course this makes the prophecy exceedingly vague as the death of any number of people could result in this prophecy turning out to be true.  However, the Virgin Group Ltd owned by Richard Branson could ultimately succumb to the economic hardships of the global recession.  Alternately, the other virgin well known is the Virgin Mary of the Christian tradition.  But the prophecy also says the virgin’s death will be widely wanted, which doesn’t narrow it down much.

Of course he also speaks of problems with trade, which is a fairly safe bet.  Though the economy has been “recovering” it has been doing so for a little over half a year with little appreciable sign aside from people generally getting used to the new higher prices.  Another economic downturn would obviously be bad as banks declare bankruptcy all over.  Of course specifically the prophecy dictates problems with trade, meaning difficulty exchanging goods.  This could also mean shortages, inflation, disruption of trade lines, pirates, etc.

There’s also speak of a leader who will rise up who will be “heartless and bloodthirsty” and who will rule the world with a furious sword and fire.  Sword is likely symbolic of power and destruction, but the fire may be more symbolic of actual consumption of resources as well.  Fire could also be symbolic of literal fire which could be implemented as a means of controlling disease or possibly destroying old establishments as a major regime shift takes place.  Elections in 2010 will be interesting to watch.

Of course the most terrifying quatrain pertaining to 2010 is the one referring to “Satan’s arch of fury” which could be an intercontinental ballistic missile, possibly nuclear in nature.  There is also one interpretation that indicates that 2010 could be the year that World War III breaks out, although it doesn’t seem likely given the attention paid by Nostradamus to the first two world wars.  Still, according to Nostradamus 2010 will be a bumpy ride.  Of course if we intervene to build a better world, can we ever say our lives are predetermined and set in stone?