Exploring the Elements , Fire Signs

When it comes to the element of fire, you will find a handful of associated zodiac signs and planets (Sun, Mars, and Jupiter) that can shed light on an individual’s personality and characteristics if you are following the ins and outs of astrology. Those connected to this element are often described as energetic, a visionary, intuitive, enthusiastic, motivated, as well as impatient, volatile, and easy to burn-out.

While those are often times accurate assessments of one linked to the element of fire, other associations include boldness, hot temper, spontaneous, creative, optimistic, and intelligent. An affinity for fruits, seeds, and heat may also be seen.

Typical Fire Sign Characteristics

With a love for experiencing life and approaching life full of vigor and gusto , fire signs are considered the most active and consuming energy forces of the zodiac. It is not uncommon to see a fire sign seeking high and low for something to inspire them and give them meaning. When life hands this sign a bag of lemonades, there is no denying their knack for making lemonade. They seem to attract new possibilities and when this does not take place , they seek them out.

People who are born under the element of fire usually encounter quick thoughts and are known to easily act upon hunches. One of their strongest guides in life is their intuition. However, when the fire sign is balanced, they enjoy stretches of optimistic views, become inspirational to others, and are highly affectionate.

Unfortunately, with every good point , there is the negative. With the fire sign, imbalance means that the excessive fire in their system produces anger, violence, and can lead to a bit of accident-proneness. Too much fire can cause one to show over-enthusiasm. Let’s take projects for the home. Some fire signs may begin more than one project and never finish one. Sometimes, burnout is common.

When there is not enough fire, the body may react with poor digestion, chills, dull eyes, and a decline in the immune system, which places one in danger for infection. Energy levels plummet and there isn’t a creative flicker to light a flame. All of the drive, determination, and perseverance a fire sign may show at times”¦is gone during periods of imbalance.

Who Are the Fire Signs?

Now that you have a bit of background on the fire sign, you should know that the following zodiac signs belong to this fiery element:

Aries , When looking for a sign that immediately embodies the element of fire, look no further than with Aries, which is also described as being quite passionate, as well as easily led by their ego.

Leo , The heart is definitely at the center of Leo’s intentions and when it comes to expressing their true feelings, it is the warmth of fire that shines throughout.
Sagittarius , Out of all the fire signs, Sagittarius is considered the most wide-ranging of the bunch. For some, the fun of a life-long journey is what matters most to them.