Mysterious Flash of Light Levitates Tool Shed

Witnesses to a mysterious sighting in Santa Fe New Mexico have reported a phenomena that strays from the standard paranormal happening and is baffling others who are not only uncertain which unexplainable phenomena is to blame for the incident, but what the source of such a phenomena would be.  Even the broad explanation of “Poltergeist Activity” or “Aliens” seems to be insufficient to fully explain what happened that night to a family and their neighbors that night.

At 2:30, two anonymous witnesses (a mother and her son’s girlfriend) were talking on the back porch of their house.  They had been talking for quite some time, and were just finishing up a deep conversation.  As their conversation was beginning to draw to its conclusion, it was suddenly interrupted by a strange buzzing sound.  It was like a vibration of the very air around them that prickled their skin, and the mother later would report she felt all the way to her heart.  From within the house suddenly there was a blinding white light that shot out at them and they covered their eyes.  As the two eventually went in to investigate, they found that nothing unusual was present.

As the woman’s husband returned home that night from the graveyard shift, they told him everything that had happened.  Amazed, he was unsure what to think until the neighbors stopped by, seeing them and they compared notes on the incident which had apparently effected both households.  That night the two households shared stories of the strange sensation that seemed to be coming from the sky.  And this is where the story seems to get even stranger.  The neighbors, people who are well respected in the vicinity and considered witnesses of the utmost credibility made an incredible claim.  They claimed that as the incident with the flashing light was occurring within the other household, their own storage shed lifted several inches off the ground and hung suspended there by some unknown force.  After the incident it dropped back down.

Could this have been some form of interference by an extraterrestrial vehicle?  Perhaps some nearby experiment could have explained the mysterious incident.  Or maybe the Earth’s own natural forces were working in conjunction to create something that we simply cannot explain.  With all forces of nature from the smallest insect’s migration to the sun itself suddenly acting very strangely, it seems possible that the same forces could be interacting with gravity or perhaps magnetism.  Of course this is purely speculation as there’s no way to even begin to explain all of the factors involved in this case without more information.

Two days later a witness three doors down was present at the time the incident was casually mentioned.  He asked what they were talking about and when he was told there had been an incident he became excited and related that he too had felt a strange sensation coming from the sky that night.  The initial witnesses are calling for any additional reports from the November 25th incident in Santa Fe New Mexico.  Anyone with any information related to this incident can report their sighting to the Mutual UFO Network via email or their website.