Haunted Maine: Brunswick, Rockport & More

Throughout Maine, there are plenty of cities that offer a haunted spot to explore, such as Brunswick, Rockport and Camden. In this article, you will find information involving cemeteries, theaters and streets that can be located within the state.


One of the scariest places that a person can visit is the eeriness of a cemetery. The Pinewood Cemetery in Belfast is a nice place to visit when you wish to take a photograph of an orb. When entering this area, numerous witnesses have reported an unexplainable banging on the side of their car, as well as unknown footsteps that come from grassy areas. The St. Mary’s Cemetery in Salem is the site where numerous ghosts, unexplainable sounds and feelings can be experienced.


Another cemetery that offers a tale is the Bucksport Cemetery in Bucksport. Here, you will find the gravesite of Jonathon Buck, whose tombstone displays an unexplainable footprint surrounding by cracks. Although the tombstone has been replaced several times, the footprint will reappear. Buck was known for ordering the death of his mistress, accusing her of being a witch. She had been documented as saying that she would someday return to dance on his grave. This is where many believe the footprint originates.


The show must go on, right? The Bidderford’s City Theater, which can be found in the city bearing the same name, is the site where many different strange events have been reported. Some have claimed to see eyes that look at them from the ceiling. The lights at this location have been known to flash on and off by themselves. Odd noises and voices have been reported to occur at the theater. In Brunswick, one will encounter the Pickard Theater, located at Bowdoin College. A theater technician has reported oddness ranging from cold spots to a lamp that swings on its own with no explainable reason. The Boothbay Opera House in Boothbay Harbor has a 2nd floor that is said to be haunted by a spirit that has no known identity.

Haunted streets and roads can be found within every state. In Maine, you will find River Road, which is the location for many strange occurrences, which happen close to five stone markers that are believed to originate from Native Americans that once lived in the area. Unexplainable voices and singing can be heard in the area as well. The Old Dudley Oxford Road in Dudley offers the ghost of a man, who appears in a colonial black alphet. He has been seen riding on a horse. Numerous reports of this man have been documented.


At 477 Congress Street in Portland is where unexplainable muffled voices can be heard during the morning hours. In Wiscasset, you will encounter Water Street, where an old house can be found. It is said to be one of the oldest throughout the town. Numerous paranormal claims have been made about this house, including the unexplainable moving of objects. In the main staircase and attic area, the sightings of “shadow people” have been reported. The ghosts of witches are believed to roam about Old Witchtrot Road in York.

Additional haunted locations throughout Maine include: Maiden’s Cliff in Camden; the William Fogg Library in Eliot; Randolph Forest in Randolph; the Goose River Bridge in Rockport; the Pine Tree Camp in Rome, as well as the Southern Maine Technical College in South Portland, where the Hillside Dorm is said to be haunted by an unknown man.