Abductee Reports Being Xeroxed – Copy Kept by Aliens

An account of an extraterrestrial abduction has come forth with the witness not only relating the incredible details of his abduction experience, but also sharing a strange warning with a cryptic message about the future.  Perhaps the strangest elements of this story are how this incident shares so much in common with typical UFO encounters, yet diverges so much with a few of the points including the appearance of the lead creature.

The account became public thanks to the efforts of the hard working folks at paranormal online journal Phantoms and Monsters.  The site, like so many others, has covered UFO abduction stories in the past.  But this one included not only an incredible abduction claim but a warning of one of the symptoms to look for when “the big event” of the creatures returning took place.  “Listen for the sound of distant thunder,” one of the creatures told Carlos after he walked aboard the strange craft.  Is this distant thunder a warning to us all?  Or is it a metaphor for some incredible scientific discovery yet to be made?

The story begins as so many do with the witness travelling a long distance across the road near Colonia Ano De Juarez in Mexico.  The year was 198, and the spring was already showing signs of turning to summer.  There had been a great rainstorm in the area only a few nights ago, and the road had only become easy to travel by bicycle just prior to the incident.  As he bicycled through the streets he soon came across a pair of glowing eyes in the distance.  Almost immediately he found himself compelled to do what the strange voice told him to.  As he approached town the creatures suddenly walked from the bushes and lead him to their strange ship.  The object was resting on the ground and a ramp had protruded to allow entry and exiting of the device by these strange creatures.  As he entered the craft they did a cursory examination, but it was the next room they took him to that seemed most interesting.  As he was led into another room by a larger more heavyset alien that otherwise fit the description of the “greys,” he was told to enter a “phone booth” apparatus.  As he did as he was instructed, the object suddenly emitted a brilliant light and he would later see his body copied exactly in the other booth.

The idea of alien technology being used to create a copy of an individual is an interesting one.  While copying humans is a level of technology on par with Star Trek films, the actual purpose behind it might be quite practical to a visiting alien race.  By making a copy of a creature they could return the original to his place of origin and have another copy complete with consciousness and interacting with extraterrestrials, learning from them, and teaching them of what it’s like to be a human.  If the technology existed and were being used, key humans might actually have copies of themselves roaming the stars fully aware of the existence of aliens.  But after a certain point the memories they share with their original diverge and turn into something else entirely.  Could a carbon copy of any of us exist aboard a UFO and be living out lives of captivity?  And will the sound of distant thunder be the call to a great homecoming?