Movie Night: UFOs and Flying Saucers

When you are looking for a movie to cuddle up to for the night, why not choose a flick that deals with flying saucers, alien abductions and UFOs. Below you will find a list, brief descriptions and trivia regarding some cinematic gems, such as Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


Speaking of which, Close Encounters was a 1977 film starring Richard Dreyfuss as the main character, who experiences a close encounter of the third kind, which is considered contact. With a movie tagline stating: “We are not alone,” it is an interesting look at themes, such as government cover-ups and alien abductions. Well-known ufologist, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, make a guest appearance in the movie. The Mothership that was used during the making of the film can be found at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, located in Chantilly, Virginia. Inside the display, a mailbox, a cemetery, as well as models of the airplanes that were abducted by the ship, can be viewed.


The 1956 movie, Earth Versus the Flying Saucers, was based on a book, “Flying Saucers From Outer Space,” which was written by a retired U.S. Marine Corps Major, Donald Keyhoe. The book stated that unexplainable phenomena that occurred in the sky were caused from unknown sources from other planets. The special effects for the time the movie was created are interesting. The plot deals with the disappearance of rockets launched into space. A UFO lands on earth, causing warnings from aliens of destruction. The rest is up to you to figure out.


The recently deceased Darrin McGavin appeared in the 1980 film, Hangar 18, which deals with a collision between a UFO and a space shuttle. Government conspiracies are involved because an election is in process while the mystery of this collision unfolds.  Some compare this film to the starting point from which the X Files movie and shows took direction.


The author, Harry Bates, of the short story “Farewell to the Master” was only paid $500 by 20th Century Fox for the rights to create the 1951 flick, The Day the Earth Stood Still. A flying saucer circles the Earth during the 50s, until it lands in Washington, D.C. This classic mixes science fiction with fantasy, as an alien descends upon Earth to “learn” more about the culture. By its side, is a powerful robot, who can destroy anything with ease. The alien, later reveals that the robot will destroy the Earth if he feels the need to. This is after he has lived with a family for a bit.


Additional films to consider in include:


To see a rather large flying saucer, check out the heartfelt flicks of Cocoon (1985) and Cocoon: The Return (1988).


The Flying Saucer (1950): Deals with a series of flying saucer sightings throughout the state of Alaska.


The Thing From Another World (1951): Offers a look at what happens when you find an alien spacecraft frozen in the ice.


Flying Saucers are Real (1979): This documentary presents facts regarding UFOs, as well as the Roswell crash. Interviews of original witnesses are presented.