Haunted Hot Spots in Oregon 2

As you continue to explore the scary sights and sounds of Oregon , make sure to pay a visit to Cannon Beach, where a mysterious beach house could place you in the midst of a ghost of a man thought to have disappeared at the same time as a storm that tackled the region.

Argonutua Beach House , Cannon Beach

Those who have encountered this beach house will swear that it is haunted by the ghost of Ghengis Hansel , a man who vanished into thin air after a storm hit the region in 1952. Those who have stayed in the house claim that an odd presence has been felt. The existence of secret doors and other compartments doesn’t help much either , even though they are locked pretty tightly.

Oregon Caves National Monument , Cave Junction

Some say that a ghost called ‘Elizabeth’ roams about the Oregon Caves Chateau located by this monument. Reports claim that she has been seen in the rooms and halls. It is said that the woman hung herself on the same night as her wedding after she caught her husband cheating with another female. If you want to catch sight of this ghost , she mostly appears during the nighttime.

Shilo Inn , Beaverton

It is said that the upstairs sports den, as well as the “Canyon Room” is believed haunted. Numerous employees and guests have reported unexplainable footsteps and strange chatter that sounds like a conversation between a man and a woman. However, whenever someone goes to investigate , there is no one to be found. Occasionally, objects have been known to move about on their own , including cups, chairs, and other items.

Rock Point Cemetery , Gold Hill

There are numerous tales surrounding this cemetery, which has been known to produce a ghost that appears wearing an odd hood, carrying about a lantern. He will wander throughout the cemetery and then disappear without a trace. Other weird incidents to take place at this location include strange lights and sounds. Some claim to have viewed fire emerging from the crypts. The region is also sometimes covered in a green-colored fog that supposedly carries the power to break the windows of vehicles that dare to pass through it.

Harmony House , Clackamas

If you’re looking to dine at a place with a ghostly past , consider this restaurant where the sighting of a ghost and other odd occurrences has been reported by workers and customers alike. The employees have individual tales to tell , like the time a worker became trapped in the supply closet and was suddenly released and not by another employee. Two other workers were closing up the eatery and heard the sound of an old man clearing his throat. When they went to seek out the source of the cough , they only saw smoke and caught a whiff of tobacco , but no one was there. Other incidents include the unexplainable laughter of a small girl and the moving about of objects from one place to another.