Haunted Hot Spots in Oregon 3

In the third installment of haunted hot spots found in Oregon, you will learn about the apartment complex that houses both ‘friendly’ and malevolent’ spirits, as well as a former lighthouse that still has someone watching over the goings-on.

Crescent Valley High School , Corvallis

Some of the weird incidents that have taken place at this school include odd drafts, the unexplainable shifting of the curtains located in the auditorium, and chairs that move on their own. It is believed that the stage is haunted as well.  

Woodland Park , Eugene

If you ever encounter a small child who warns you to stay away, you may have come face to face with the ghost of a young boy who was shot and killed on the playground. The ghost is known to appear when anyone pays a visit to the park after 12.

Heceta Head Lighthouse , Florence

There are a few stories surrounding this lighthouse (now bed and breakfast), where a handful of hauntings are believed to take place. One of the most popular involves the tale of an old woman named Abby (said to be the wife of a lighthouse keeper) who calls this site her haunting grounds ever since she died. Her vision is often spotted peering out of the windows or floating above the floor about the premises.

Fairmount Apartments , Portland

At this site, a handful of hauntings have been known to take place on the premises that include both ‘good’ and ‘bothersome’ spirits. In the past, this apartment complex was once a respected hotel. However, over the years , residents have documented the sighting of various apparitions that seems to appear during the nighttime. Those who live on the lower floors have complained of feeling the presence of something ‘threatening’ , especially when traveling in the hallways.

On the upper floors, it has been reported that the presence isn’t cause for alarm. Could something awful have occurred in the past? If you are interested in checking out this building, you will find it on the corner of NW 26th and Vaughn Street , situated on the northwest side of town.

Herman Helms House , Jacksonville

If you dare to enter this site , you may come in contact with two ghosts who have a reputation of crying. It is believed to be the ghosts of an elderly woman and a young girl.

McCully House , Jacksonville

A lot of guests who have paid a visit to this site have reported sighting a ghostly woman wearing a white gown who has a habit of roaming the halls late at night.

Old Pioneer Cemetery , Damascus

This old cemetery is believed the site where a rather intimidating ghost calls home. If you’re wondering if there was ever any evidence proving the incidents to take place here , there have been pictures and film taken of the paranormal activity.

Dibble Cemetery , Molalla

When visiting this cemetery , beware of the odd sounds (like unexplainable howling) that have been reported to take place at this haunted hot spot.