Treating Teenager Problems with Herbal Remedies 2

When it comes to being a teenager, there are numerous concerns that preoccupy the normal day. Whether you’re not eating enough good foods, testing the waters of alcohol, or staying up to late to cram for a Biology test, there are many factors that contribute to poor health. Some parents don’t want to fill their children with over-the-counter or prescription drugs and for this reason, herbal remedies make a great alternative. Below you will find a few natural treatments for acne and infectious mononucleosis.


Infectious Mononucleosis


Have you ever heard of the “kissing disease?” Let’s hope you don’t have to. This slang term is a less-complicated sounding way to refer to infection mononucleosis, which is a common threat to both teenagers and adults (especially younger ones). At the beginning of this irritating condition, a sore throat appears. Next, you will notice extreme fatigue and muscles that continuously ache. Various glands will also become enlarged and tender to the touch. These symptoms may last for up to four months.


To treat infectious mononucleosis, there are a few natural remedies to consider. For starters, when early stages appear (usually acute in nature), you may give your child 5-10 ml of Echinacea, as well as cleavers tincture, which should be taken about 3-4 times per day. During the period of getting well, you can mix equal parts of Siberian ginseng, oats, and vervain tinctures. The proper dose for this particular remedy is to take 5 ml four times per day. If your child is suffering from digestion problems, you may add a few drops of wormwood tincture. This addition will also assist in making a lost appetite come back.




It is every teenager’s worst fear: zits. Pimples can pop up at any moment, ruining class picture day or the opening of the school play. Pimples during adolescence have a knack for even ruining blossoming self-esteem and confidence. Many teens suffer from this occurrence because they are following a poor diet. In the case of many girls, it is just another symptom that comes before the start of a menstrual cycle. Hormonal imbalances also contribute to an acne outbreak.


At night, many individuals have found relief from acne by rubbing a garlic clove on pimples. Another effective treatment deals with cabbage. After boiling cabbage in water, the leftover liquid can be used as a wash for acne. Herbal lotions also combat the undesirable appearance of an acne outbreak. An effective acne lotion recipe can be made with 30 ml of pot marigold tincture, 30 ml of distilled witch hazel, and 30 ml of rose water, and 5 ml of tea tree oil. Use a cotton ball to efficiently spread the lotion across the face about 2-3 times daily.


Poor Diet Boost


The typical diet of a teenager often lacks the proper nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. To boost the system from the damaging effects of junk food, you should take three 200 mg capsules of stinging nettle or consume 10 ml of stinking nettle juice on a daily basis.