Spirituality: Why Should I Care?

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The meaning of life is to learn but what exactly does that entail? First off, spiritual is defined by Dicitonary.com as 1) Of, relating to, consisting of, or having the nature of spirit; not tangible or material. 2) Of, concerned with, or affecting the soul. 3) Of, from, or relating to God; deific. 4) Relating to or having the nature of spirits or a spirit; supernatural. Spirit is defined as incorporeal consciousness and/or the part of a human associated with the mind, will, and feelings. I myself would define spirit or soul as that spark of God sent out from the Source that is within every being, our own Godly conscious aspect that can never die. I use the term spirituality versus New Age because the New Age movement promotes propaganda spread by the NWO seeking to stop the re-emergence of Awareness on Earth. There are New Agers who deny the existence of evil, shielding their eyes from the presence of darkness upon Earth, and would have us believe that everything is okay in our world, that we need not do a damn thing to heal it. It is not that most New Agers seek to deceive persons, but that they themselves have been deceived, whether they are knowingly or inadvertently involved with or subscribe to the NWO ploys attempting to subdue the populace into inaction, or not. The real new age is not a religious or spiritual movement but simply the natural passing from one age to the next, leaving behind the old age (the Mayans knew this well).


God created the worlds in order to grow and create more of Itself and since God is considered to be love, light, compassion and all the that jazz, it would be in accordance to God’s original intent for us to be love, light, compassion and all that jazz; thus what has been deemed the Divine Plan or Higher Will was created. Therefore, the general purpose of our lives would be to become like God and evolve, to learn to love unconditionally, be compassionate and non-judging and non-condemning, and to learn to help fulfill that Divine Plan, to serve Creation. Of course this is said without going into detail about why each of us came to Earth and what our exact mission in this life is, according to our individual soul contracts.


Earth is supposedly the Insane Asylum of the Galaxy and the melting pot of the worlds. According to Peter Farley (http://4truthseekers.org) only about 28% of Earthlings are humans, or more accurately, are energetically humans (this is referring to the energy body of our many bodies, or the morphogenetic field), and so 72% of us are, in fact, alien species that decided to incarnate or project into human form. This might explain why when you look at your fellow Earthlings you can ascribe a particular animal to some faces and clearly make out the resemblance thereof, or why some people do not feel that they fit into human form or feel as though they are not from Earth, but are indeed Star Seeds or some other being not from these here parts (then again, how many of you can whole-heartedly say that you are a native of an insane asylum?).


Earth is also considered to be an experiment and supposedly (I say ”˜supposedly’ often simply because I have no tangible evidence to support these ideas, nor can I clarify them with personal experience, thus they cannot be considered solid, undeniable, and unchangeable Truth, instead only seen as theories. It is up to the individual to seek to validate these theories and it remains for them to look inside themselves for Truth and not to exterior sources) back in the time of Atlantis where many of us in the modern day had previously lived in the tumultuous times that Plato spoke of (how it was destroyed by the awesome forces of nature), are here on Earth at this time to relive those days of the end of Atlantis and to finally learn our lessons, to choose either to destroy ourselves again and continue to abuse power so grossly or to learn from our mistakes and not allow history to repeat itself, to move on and ascend. It is up to us to persuade the experimenters (I am not sure exactly who to accredit with designing the whole Earth experiment, besides God of course) to not terminate the Earth experiment before it runs its full course or decide that it has already done so. In other words: you get as many ”˜second chances’ as you need to learn your lessons.


In the grander scheme of things, beyond our physical realm, in the etheric worlds where there is no such thing as this illusion called linear time but only the Eternal Now, where all is happening all at once and we are living all our lives simultaneously, there is no doubt that every being will eventually evolve back to the Source and has already returned to God.


Now this poses a new question for those aspiring to a spiritual life: if everything eventually evolves back to the Source, why should I further my efforts with trying to evolve?


Viewing life from this perspective is like saying that Hell isn’t so bad and that you would rather spend another few hundred or so lifetimes in it. For 1) why would you want to remain any longer than need be to learn your lessons in a hating, corrupt, avaricious world when you could be in another more loving, compassionate, and harmonious one; 2) this kind of attitude makes you learn slower and the more time you spend not helping yourself then the less time you can spend helping others and; 3) please explain to me again why one would willingly choose to remain in Hell and keep on repeating their own history, undergoing the same situations without ever changing their responses to them, thus finding a new solution that actually works?


Sure, it is easy to repeat your reactions to the same occurrences over and over again, but part of evolving involves change ”“ changing our perspectives, actions, reactions, and ideas. Our egos keep us stuck in a cyclic process of redundancy and hinder our ascending; part of achieving enlightenment requires us to transcend our egos. Freewill is another factor that keeps us from ascending, not to mean that Freewill is evil, for it is the means by which we learn and can function as individuals, but Freewill means that we can choose to stray from the path back to the Source, to descend, or refuse to ascend.


It is also so very easy to become ensnared in the mundane world and our daily affairs, to only think of spirituality as a hobby to be pursued at our leisure. When we find ourselves thinking of these trains of thought we must then ask ourselves what our true purpose in life here on Earth is. Is it to make more money, become rich, get famous, finish a day of work, get through school, find a new job, complete the job at hand, or whatever it may be? Do you want to die knowing you have satisfied your employer or that you have gotten a good bit further along in your evolution, finally freeing yourself of the reincarnation cycle and karmatic debt or the like? You have to decide for yourself whether doing the spiritual work necessary to evolve takes precedence over your daily affairs and then you need to start making changes in your life according to your decision about what you want out of life and what life mission you are going to fulfill or fail. The choice is yours either way and can you look inside your own self for guidance. Although, do you really want to wait until you are half dead to realize that you have accomplished nothing of eternal value in this life, to stop believing in religions that lack real meaning, and tyrannical governments?


Being spiritual does not mean that you have to give up your current religion and convert to some mystical esoteric practice. We all have this longing deep inside ourselves for something that we seek to satisfy but do not really know how to fill that emptiness or what exactly we long for. That longing is to return to the Source, that emptiness is our feeling of separateness from God, and if this state of mind or place in our lives can be described in one word, that word would have to be Hell. Hell is only a fiery lake of burning sulfur in our thoughts; in actuality it is separation from God, the thing that drives us toward the idea that we need to be saved, the desperate search for salvation. You are the only person who can truly save yourself; you are the only person that can choose for yourself to return to God and reach “Heaven”, yes others can help and guide you along the way, but in the end you save yourself or you condemn yourself.


Maybe it is this egotistical desire to not have to take responsibility for our actions and decisions that frightens us into denying the possibility that we may be our only judges and determiners of our fate that makes us want to lay this task on someone else or use some judgmental deity as an excuse for not taking our life into our own hands. It is this desire that the NWO uses in order to wrest control of our lives into their hands, which can be likened unto the idea of selling our souls to the devil so we do not have to deal with the responsibility that lies in having a soul. Either way, spirituality is something that one must decide to concern themselves with in every facet of their life or to ignore all together; no one will force you onto one path or another.