December Birthdays , Astrological Myths 2

On or around December 10th, Inuit hunters of the Arctic coastal regions of North America gather to participate in the December Moon Ceremony. In this article, you will learn about other festivities of the past, including the Blowing of the Midwinter Horn and the Saturnalia, which was celebrated for a week.

December 10th Birthdays

The December Moon Ceremony is an observance that has a history tracing back centuries. At the start of the festivities, purification rites take place, followed by a ritual involving a full moon, which honors the souls of the animals that have been hunted and killed during the prior year. Sagittarians born on this day tend to exhibit sociable and fun-loving characteristics.

December 11th Birthdays

In the Netherlands, there is a festival called the Blowing of the Midwinter Horn, which still takes place in the present day. Dating back more than 2,000 years, farmers all over the country blow on horns made out of birch wood, in an effort to scare any evil influences in their presence. The horns are meant to announce the coming of Skadi, the goddess of winter and the spirit of the north wind who comes wrapped in fur. For the Sagittarian born on this day, don’t forget your optimism and don’t be afraid to take any chances.

December 13th Birthdays

Known as the Ides of December, this date also acknowledges the union between the spiritual and temporal. In Sweden, a candlelight festival takes place. It is also customary for one daughter in the family to wear a white dress with a red sash and place a crown of candles on top of her head. Although Sagittarians born on this day tend to shy away from tedious tasks, they are known to stick with an assignment to the very end if they have already started to work on it.

December 16th Birthdays

Sophia (the goddess of wisdom) is known by many different names , depending on the culture at hand. To the ancient Jews, she was honored as the form of the Wise Bride of Solomon. The ancient Greeks saw her as the goddess of wisdom and war, better known as Athena , daughter of Zeus. To the Romans, she was Sapientia. To this day, Christians continue to acknowledge Sophia within Eastern Orthodox Church circles. As a Sagittarian born on this day, learn how to tap into the typical traits of your sign, which includes likeability, sincerity, and an outgoing nature.

December 17th Birthdays

During ancient Roman times, the god Saturn had an entire week set aside for a festival in his honor. Known as the Saturnalia, all schools and shops shut down during the week so that the locals could concentrate on merriment, feasting, gambling, playing charades, and giving gifts to one another. At the Temple of Saturn, the festivities kicked off with a sacrifice, followed by a large banquet that the public attended. An archer born on this day is often known for their honesty and hard-working nature.

Other December birthday connections include:
December 14 , Honoring the Blue Corn maiden (Sakwa Mana), the Hopi Soyal Festival sees participants carrying a tray cull of corn and spruce.

December 15 , As one of the days before the winter solstice, the magical kingfisher bird is celebrated because it serves as a symbol of the Greek goddess Alcyon (daughter of the wind king).