Actual Account of a Grey Being Running Across Yard in Washington

Below is an unedited account of an alien encounter in a small town in Eastern Washington.  This is MUFON Case #19306.  MUFON is short for Mutual UFO Network.  MUFON is the world’s largest civilian UFO scientific research organization.

WA, September 12, 2009 – Bright Light moved rapidly from the N-NE, hovered at edge of town 8hrs. Grey sighted at approximately 3am “moving rapidly through yard”. MUFON Case # 19306.

I live in a small town in Eastern Washington. We NEVER have flight traffic over town with the exception of crop dusters and “Heart Flight”.

On or about July 15,2009, at 2:30am I was awakened from sleep by the sound of helicopters. I use a CPAP breathing machine which generates a fair amount of internal noise (ie: I can hear it’s pumping inside my head, but externally, it’s almost silent), so the noise was loud enough to wake me up. I live in a two story house with a sleeping porch off my bedroom. The sleeping porch has large windows across the front of the house.

I went to the windows and I saw a Black Hawk helicopter flying due N-NW at minimum height. There were the lights of other copters already ahead of the one I heard.

As I watched, in about 2 minutes another came over in the same straight direction. I counted out 2 minutes and another and then another came over the town. I got the impression they were pursing something. I watched as they began an intense search at about 10-15 miles north of town. The copters set up a perimeter, with one at each corner of a grid, and the others (there appeared to be 6 to 8 total), began moving east to west and west to east.

The entire time I watched, there was a sound in the air of a very low decibel hum, which made a kind of whum, whum, sound (higher to lower range and back again). I watched for about 1 and 1/2 hours. Since I had to get up for work, I finally packed it in.

Two days later my daughter witnessed several strange events. She was driving home from a movie at about 11:30 pm on the 17the when she witnessed a black helicopter (it was silhouetted against the sky and clearly black) flying out of the direction of our town. When she reached home, she got out of the car and heard the whum whum noise and noticed a strange glow in the North North-East emitting pulses almost like heat lightening, but it had a 1-2-3 rhythm.

The same rhythm over and over…low glow, medium glow, high glow. There were no clouds in the sky, only the strange glow. The pulsing and hum went on all night. About 4 days after that, my daughter was out walking. It was a calm day, no wind, no storms etc. Then suddenly she heard the hum again and was hit by a sudden blast of air that rushed past her.

About 15 days ago my daughter again noticed the pulsing lights. She went out onto the porch to sit and watch it as it was only a few miles out of town in the north. Suddenly a helicopter emerged from the glow and skirted the edge of town. A few minutes later she started to gag stumbled into the house calling to me “mom can’t you smell that?” She was overcome by an intense smell of something very pungent, very acrid, and metallic.

We ran around the house and closed all the windows and doors. I got her a painter’s face mask and that helped keep out the smell for her. We were baffled by why she could smell it, and I could not. She would say.. oh it’s gone and then get up and as she passed by a window, she would retch again. Two of our dogs could not smell it, but one got a terrible sneezing fit. She has always had an acute sense of smell, but what was she smelling? We know the smell of every farm chemical and this was nothing she had smelled before. I

I read where on July 24, 2009, a crop circle was discovered at Wilbur, Washington. If you take a ruler and lay it on a Washington State map the line would be a straight going North-North West and in the EXACT line the copters flew over town and headed away the first night I saw them.

Then on the night of September 11, 2009, my daughter and I went outside to star gaze. We saw a “star” headed across the sky from west to east in a straight line, about 15 degrees above the horizon. It got very much brighter, and accelerated up and away from it’s position at a high rate of speed disappearing into the dark. I hate to say it, but it looked just like Star Trek when the ship jumps into hyperspace.

We then saw a “star moving directly overhead and zig-zagging from it’s center position to the west,back to center, back to west, back to center. The degree of zig-zag was small, but very discernible. I then saw another “star” move, stop, turn in a circle, then disappear. My daughter then saw a small globe of light, perhaps 40ft off the ground streak past her. We went inside, scared but a little excited.

Then last night, September 12, 2009, at about 10:30pm, we went back outside and saw a bright object, much like an airplane when seen head on in the sky near the mountains. (It was NOT an airplane..there were no running lights, no noise). We were watching it, when it suddenly moved at a very high rate of speed directly towards us, covering 25 miles in seconds.

We were terrified. It stopped at the edge of town, which is only 3 blocks away and hovered perhaps 200ft above the ground. It was very bright,very menacing, silent,shaped like an orb with spikes coming out and seemed to have a companion light under it to one side.

We were very scared. We ran into the house and we peeked out of a window and it stayed positioned for about 2 hours. At one point I watched the light blink out, only to go back to the window later and see it was back. We turned on all the lights in the house, locked the doors and windows, brought in the cat and huddled in the living room afraid to sleep.

At about 3am my daughter went to the kitchen window over the sink. That side of the house is very dark with no outdoor light and a large tree in the yard. She turned off the lights, pulled back the curtain and screamed. She saw a grey shape, about 4ft tall, grey colored from top to bottom, in an approximate human form moving rapidly across the yard from south to north.

I cannot begin to tell you how frightened we are by what has occurred. We are not hoaxing you, we are just regular people caught in an abnormal and frightening situation. I just read where a pilot from Oregon witnessed a bright silent light hover over his home. His “UFO” sounds like the same type as we witnessed.