UFO or Fiery Dragon Spirit Above China

UFO sightings in China have been a dime a dozen in the recent months.  These sightings are leaving citizens of the nation confused.  Many are asking, “What does it all mean?”

One area where sightings have been common is the province of Shandong.  On the evening of August 20th, there was a sighting of two giant UFOs.  This incident was reported worldwide.

A less reported incident happened two weeks before on August 2nd around 4p.m.  This incident involved a mysterious apparition or UFO.  A flame like image was seen by a number of witnesses hovering in the sky above the city of Qingdao.  A number of people that saw this fiery object, said that it looked like a dragon spirit etched in fire.  Some skeptics have labeled the fiery image an unusual cloud formation.

The image appeared and vanished in minutes.  If that’s the case, clouds usually just don’t vanish.

To see a dragon spirit is believed to be an omen for good luck in the Chinese culture.  One of the witnesses, a 33 year old male, photographed this fiery dragon spirit or UFO on his mobile phone.  Many Chinese researchers of anomalous phenomena are  debating the significance and purpose of events of this fiery dragon spirit or UFO.